A pioneer in the world of crypto casinos, BGaming is one of the top companies in this area.

BGaming has a history dating back about 10 years, so it is far from a new name for those who have been playing casino games for a while, with the firm having made dozens of games.

At BGaming, more than 700 partners such as crypto casinos have signed up to be partners with the company, showing it has a large appeal in the burgeoning world of iGaming.

BGaming produces video slots, video poker, lottery, card and casual games, with the variety helping to make sure that its titles are often among the most popular to play at crypto casinos.

Our guide to BGaming tells people everything they need to know about the firm, so read on.


Introduction to BGaming and a brief history

Founded in 2012, BGaming has been built by a team of experts with even more experience of iGaming, so there is a huge amount of knowledge and expertise going into its casino games.

BGaming says in a mission statement posted on its website that “the player and player choice always come first” for the company, which is likely to be welcomed by crypto casino customers.

Supporting around 100 different currencies, BGaming was one of the first companies of its type to embrace crypto in a big way, helping to ensure it has remained at the forefront of the industry.

Players at crypto casinos are sure to have seen BGaming titles listed in the library of their favourite site, with new partners being added to the list of those that have deals with the firm

Even though the BGaming brand only came to life in 2018, it has quickly become a byword for quality with crypto casino customers among those to be looking out for titles from the company.

Games such as Aztec Magic Deluxe, Lucky Lady Clover, and Mysterious Story of Avalon: Lost Kingdom are among the big hits to have been released by BGaming, with more coming soon.

The roots of BGaming are in Belarus – which is where a lot of the company’s top members of staff are from – but as with many other crypto casino customers its HQ is based in Malta.

Various crypto casinos are among the hundreds of partners to have signed deals with BGaming, showcasing the many different fun titles that players enjoy trying their luck with online.

BGaming also has a strong commitment to fairness, as has been seen with the launch of its Provably Fair scheme, which it claims is unique within the innovative world of iGaming.

So what are some of the best games that were released by BGaming so far? Let’s take a look.

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What games does BGaming make?

As is the case with a lot of developers of games for crypto casinos, BGaming has worked hard to make sure that it has a wide range of types of options, which fall into the following categories:


Crypto casino customers are likely to have seen BGaming slots on their travels. As is the case with a lot of comparable companies in the sector, BGaming tends to focus its attention on slots. What this means in practice is that the majority of BGaming releases to date have been slots.

Hallmarks of BGaming slot games typically include HD graphics, as well as good mathematics models, while it is common for them to have included a wide range of various bonus features.

The most popular casino game by BGaming so far is Elvis Frog in Vegas, which is a popular pick at some of the top crypto casinos in the world. When playing Elvis Frog in Vegas, a game dedicated to the late, great King of Rock-n-Roll, users can even sing with Elvis Frog.

Indeed, such was the high popularity of the Elvis Frog in Vegas game at crypto casinos and other sites, BGaming came up with a sequel to capitalise on interest: Aloha King Elvis slot. In the Aloha King Elvis slot game, there are two types of free spins round and Surfing Jackpots are also available to win for those who spin the reels. It is also possible to buy a bonus in the game.

Crypto casino customers who like explosive gameplay are sure to enjoy Book of Cats, an Egyptian-themed game that gives users the chance to win up to x10,000 their stake. Free spins and expanding symbols are among the top features for users to look out for on this slot game.

A lot of crypto casinos feature Aztec-themed games, with BGaming offering up Aztec Magic Deluxe as a contender for the crown of best title in this field. Features such as wilds and free spins have been incorporated into the slot’s gameplay to help make sure it is a smash hit.


For a lot of people who sign up to play at crypto casinos, the most fun games are those that have the biggest jackpots up for grabs. The chance to potentially win a truly life-changing sum of money from one spin of the reels helps to explain why jackpot slots are always so popular.

BGaming has ensured those users of crypto casinos who love jackpot slots have a decent amount of choice. Its jackpot slots include a title based on the smash hit TV series Squid Game, which shows how the company has branched out into developing a range of branded games.

Road 2 Riches is another of the top jackpot slots to have been released by BGaming so far, with users having a chance to win as much as x2,000 their stake from one spin of the game reels.

Table games

Slots are by far the most popular type of game at crypto casinos these days, yet a lot of people still like to try their luck at casino classic table games, which remain a solid choice for many.

Different types of poker, blackjack and roulette can be found in the table games offering from BGaming, which has been incorporated into a lot of the top crypto casinos in the world.

BGaming table games include Oasis and Caribbean poker, Texas Hold’Em and Trey Poker, so anyone who wants to prove their skills at the poker table should look out for these options.

At BGaming, there is also plenty of choice when it comes to roulette. With French, European and American roulette games available, people can take their pick of which wheel to try out.

Blackjack Surrender, Pontoon and Double Exposure make up some of the BGaming blackjack games that tend to be available at crypto casinos, with users aiming to get 21 with their cards.

Casual games

BGaming stands out from the crowd in the world of crypto casinos thanks to some of its unusual casual games that have been released, with Minesweeper among them. The classic desktop game has been reimagined as a casual crypto casino game, with users having to plot a way through the field step-by-step if they are to be able to celebrate a win on this unusual title.

Other casual games to have been released at crypto casinos by BGaming so far include Heads and Tails, a game so simple it is remarkable it has not been copied by a lot of other companies. The aim of the game could hardly be more straightforward, with users just having to guess the outcome of a flip of a coin and place their bets as to what is going to happen in the game.

Plinko is another popular casual game created by BGaming in recent years. Inspired by classic arcade games, Plinko is purely down to luck, so will appeal to those who do not mind putting the fate of their money directly into the laps of the gods at their chosen crypto casino site.

Dice games

Many users at crypto casinos still prefer dice games to the bells and whistles of modern slots, with BGaming ensuring it has come up with a few good options in this particular department.

A couple of different types of sic bo dice games have been released by BGaming so far, with the company also behind Rocket Dice, a simple game in which the aim is for players to guess if the roll of two dice will be higher or lower than that chosen number – there is not more to it than that.

Scratch Dice is a title that fits in the category of mobile-first game of luck from BGaming. Users who pick Scratch Dice buy  lottery tickets with scratch zone and dice symbols in this game.

Branded games

A hot trend in the world of crypto casinos is for branded games, with BGaming ensuring it has been able to get in on the act with a range of different options being launched in this category.

For example, BGaming came up with a minimalistic style of the Fruit Million game for Stake casino, which is one of the top crypto casinos to have emerged on the market in recent years.


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How BGaming is using crypto casinos to innovate

A new type of title being developed by BGaming at the moment has been dubbed ‘fast games’ by the company, with other outlets opting to describe these as crypto casino games. While it is true they may end up becoming popular picks at crypto casinos around the world, the fast games at BGaming will be available to play on many other types of casino sites as well.

In a recent interview, BGaming’s Head of BizDev Department Alexandr Shavel explained that simple rules and rapid results are at the heart of what the company is attempting to achieve.

Speaking to CasinoBeats, he said: “Nowadays, any crypto casino suggests its player such types of games, but for some reason, it is still a rare thing for fiat currency casinos. BGaming is pretty experienced in working with both crypto and fiat casinos. Of course, being an advanced content provider, we are eager to pass over a successful experience of crypto casinos to fiat ones.”

Plinko XY, Rocket Dice XY, Heads and Tails XY, Minesweeper XY and BGaming’s top-of-the-range multiplayer crash Space XY are among the fast games that crypto casino customers should be looking for on their site of choice in the coming weeks and months.

BGaming is likely to roll out further fast game versions of its existing titles in the future too. After all, Plinko was released by the company back in 2018, becoming a major hit, and has now been repurposed in a bid to try to make it even more appealing for users of crypto casino sites.

As Shavel explained in the interview, crypto casinos are a particular area of interest for BGaming. Lots of research has been published to show crypto casinos could be the future of the industry, with SOFTSWISS‘s analytics report showing a rise of more than 250 per cent in crypto bets over the course of 2021 – a massive rise that the industry will have noticed.

“More games where players bet on outcomes and define strategy or exit time will appear. This year, we will see even more quality solutions, both games, and marketing ones, connected with NFT,” he added. NFTs – non-fungible tokens – are likely to become even more closely linked with crypto casinos in the future, with some games on these sites already including some NFTs.

Shavel also pointed out that fairness is going to be key when appealing to crypto casino users.

Provably fair games at BGaming

One of the things that makes BGaming stand out from the crowd is its ‘provable fairness’ pledge, which it claims is like nothing else in the world of iGaming at the present time.

BGaming says its games use a cryptographic method. With this method, the outcome is that the game ensures the outcome of a spin of the reels is not going to be affected by the size of the bet that has been made. A player cannot know the outcome before the actual gameplay.

Shavel explained it as follows: “Provably fair in online gambling can be described as an algorithm used to analyse and verify fair play. BGaming algorithm is based on a cryptographic method that ensures that the outcome of the round is unaffected by the player’s bet.”

It is already the case that most of the popular BGaming titles use the provably fair feature and this is likely to be rolled out even further by the company over the coming months and years.

The future of BGaming

Even though BGaming does not have as long a history in iGaming as other companies that have their games featured on crypto casinos, it does seem to have a very bright future.

The launch of provably fair shows that BGaming has a commitment to fair play that users of crypto casino sites are sure to have noted, while the range of titles offered is very good.

As Shavel explained, fast games hold a particularly high appeal at crypto casinos and more titles are about to be given this treatment by the developers at BGaming as well.

New titles are coming out of the BGaming studio all the time, with customers of crypto casinos needing to look out for Wheels, Blackjack and Dice Battle which should all be released in 2022.

It is expected there will be at least 10 fast games in the BGaming stable by the end of the year, with the company placing an increasingly strong focus on this part of its games library.

BGaming recently launched a brand new website in a bid to showcase its titles. Unlike a lot of other game providers featured on crypto casinos around the world, the new BGaming website enables customers to try out all the firm’s games in demo mode – which is very handy indeed.

Multiplayer games in online casinos are forecast by many to be a key part of the future of iGaming, with BGaming sure to be at the forefront of this latest innovation as well.

As a fast-growing game provider with a stated aim of converting gambling into gaming, BGaming has a lot to do to stay at the top of the curve in the crowded iGaming field. But its fast games, ideally suited to be played at crypto casinos, show how much work is being put in to try to ensure BGaming will stay right among the best game developers out there.

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