Everything you need to know about crypto casino bonuses

With cryptocurrency casinos getting more popular, betting bonuses are right in the spotlight. Anyone who is considering signing up to a crypto casino site to play games such as slots is likely to be given a very wide choice of welcome bonuses, which all look appealing on paper.

But deciding whether or not crypto casino betting bonuses are worthwhile is not easy. Buried in the small print of the terms and conditions for such deals are details such as the wagering requirement, which if they are high can mean that an offer is not as good as it first seems to be. Those new to crypto casino bonuses can find out all that they need to know about them here.

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What are crypto casino bonuses - and how do they work?

Bonuses are what crypto casinos use to try to attract new customers to join – then keep them. With so many different crypto casino sites out there, competition for users is very strong. This means that those considering joining a crypto casino have their pick of top betting bonuses.

Welcome bonuses are perhaps the most common type of offer that will be on the table. How these work is that a new customer signing up for an account will be offered the chance to claim a certain bonus upon registration, which could be in the form of a deposit boost or free spins.

Existing customers are not forgotten by crypto casinos when it comes to betting bonuses either. Reload bonuses and cashback rewards are often up for grabs, while a lot of the best crypto casinos out there also have a VIP loyalty programme in place that offers a variety of good perks.

There is nothing stopping casino customers from signing up to a number of different sites. This allows them to claim plenty of welcome bonuses, as well as benefiting from other rewards too. Using a crypto casino’s welcome bonus is a good way to test a site out and see whether or not its choice of games, usability and rewards are worth making a lot of repeat visits into the future.

Sometimes a top crypto casino bonus will be applied automatically when a user signs up for an account. In other cases, players must enter a promo code or a bonus code in order to claim it.

It is usually the case that crypto casino betting bonuses have terms and conditions attached. We will go into more detail on these later but it is always worth checking the small print for them all.

Bonus money that is handed out as part of a welcome offer, for example, is likely to come with a wagering requirement. This means the player must bet the bonus money a certain number of times before it will be unlocked and then become available to be withdrawn from an account.

The array of crypto casino bonuses out there can be overwhelming – so let’s take a look at them.

Types of crypto casino bonuses

There are plenty of different types of crypto casino bonuses out there, including the following:

Type of Bonus Explanation
Deposit bonuses By far the most common type of welcome offer from a crypto casino is the deposit bonus. Here, users who sign up and create an account will be awarded a boost to the amount of money they opt to deposit after registering. The amount varies but it is often the case that a 100% deposit bonus will be offered by crypto casinos – which is often credited in Bitcoin. There will usually be a limit on the amount of crypto that can be claimed in this welcome bonus. As an example, customers might be offered up to 0.1 BTC as a welcome bonus if they opt to sign up and deposit 0.1 BTC into their new crypto casino account, giving them 0.2 BTC to play with. Sometimes a welcome offer features more than one deposit bonus, with different levels of boost on the table for each of the first few deposits that a player makes after setting up a new account. The major downside of deposit bonuses is that users do have to commit some of their own crypto to a casino account when signing up in order to be able to claim this type of deal, so players have to make up their minds over the amount of money that they are willing to spend.
No deposit bonuses On the flip side, no deposit bonuses offer a completely risk-free option. No deposit bonuses are less common at crypto casinos, but some sites do have them available. With a no deposit bonus, this deal works in exactly the way that the name of the offer suggests. Players are able to claim a bonus – perhaps in the form of crypto, or free spins – without even having to make a deposit into their account upon registering with a site for the first time. The benefit of no deposit bonuses at crypto casinos is clear – with no risk attached, users can test out a site without having to spend any of their own Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at first. However, the wagering requirements that need to be met for no deposit bonuses do tend to be harder to complete than for regular deposit bonuses, which is to protect crypto casino sites. A maximum win limit could even be in place for no deposit bonuses offered by crypto casinos too. This would mean someone winning a jackpot on a slot from a no deposit bonus would not be able to receive the full amount of money, which would be somewhat of a blow to the player.
Free spins bonuses It is often the case that crypto casinos will offer free spins to new users. Free spins can be used on slot games to spin the reels without having to spend any cash. It might be the case that there are restrictions on the slot games where the free spins can be used, though, with crypto casinos often making free spins available for their new titles. This can be a good way for customers to try out a game they have not played before, with no risk at all. Money won from free spins bonuses is likely to be subject to a wagering requirement. Users will have to meet this wagering requirement before they will be able to withdraw any of the winnings. Slot games make up the majority of games on offer at a lot of crypto casino sites, which helps to explain why free spins bonuses are so commonly available. Along with a number of free spins usually being made available for customers as part of a crypto casino’s welcome bonus, they are often offered to existing players as sites try to encourage users to make repeat visits. Both deposit and no deposit free spins are sometimes on the table, but players are advised to take a bit of time to check the terms and conditions to see which of them is actually the best value.
Reload and  cashback bonuses For existing customers, one of the common betting bonuses offered by a crypto casino these days concerns reload and cashback bonuses. These reload offers are often deposit boosts that are similar to the welcome bonuses that a user can claim when signing up. For example, players might be offered a 50% boost on their deposit as a reload, with these types of betting bonuses often up for grabs on a regular basis at sites. With a cashback bonus, players might be paid back a certain proportion of any losses that they sustain. As an example, 10% cashback might be available on a certain slot on a certain day of the week. Reload and cashback bonuses are a good way for crypto casinos to tempt their users to come back to the site to play their favourite online casino games such as slots on a regular basis.
VIP bonuses, special offers and promotions Another way for crypto casinos to bring their customers back regularly is through VIP bonuses, special offers and promotions. A lot of crypto casinos these days have a VIP rewards scheme that users can work their way through. There are often a lot of different levels to the VIP programme, with bigger and better perks on offer for those players who can progress through the ranks. Larger reload and cashback rewards are among the special promotions that can be expected from a VIP rewards scheme at a crypto casino. It is also often the case that players in a VIP loyalty programme might get access to a dedicated account manager, a higher level of customer service and larger deposit options. Faster withdrawal speeds are sometimes offered in order to encourage players to join a VIP rewards programme too. Sometimes, new players at a crypto casino will automatically be enlisted to the site’s VIP scheme. In other cases, users might need to opt in, while at some of the top crypto casinos around the VIP rewards programme is actually by invitation only.


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Wagering requirements of crypto casino bonuses - and how they work

One of the most important things for players thinking of joining a crypto casino is that all betting bonuses come with terms and conditions attached. The wagering requirement is probably the most important of these to look out for. It is sometimes also known as a rollover requirement.

Put simply, the wagering requirement refers to the number of times that bonus money must be wagered before it can be withdrawn. Wagering requirements vary a great deal between crypto casinos and this figure can be the difference between a good value betting bonus and a bad one. Wagering requirements can run at anything between 10x and 100x, showing just how much variation there is in the betting bonuses that are available at crypto casinos these days.

Here’s how a wagering requirement works in practice. Let’s say that a player has taken a 100% welcome bonus of 0.1 BTC from a crypto casino – the deal has 10x wagering in the T&Cs. This means that the 0.1 BTC bonus must be rolled over 10 times, for an outlay of 1 BTC, before any of the remaining bonus money will be converted in the account balance and can be withdrawn. The higher the wagering requirement, the harder it is likely to be for the player to meet them. This means that a smaller deposit bonus with a lower wagering requirement will often work out to be a better deal when compared with a larger deposit bonus that has a high rollover number. Certain games do not always contribute 100% to the wagering requirement of a deal either.

Other crypto casino bonuses terms and conditions

Wagering requirements are not the only thing in the terms and conditions within betting bonuses offered by crypto casinos that customers need to look out for when reading all of the small print.

Terms Explanation
time limit Betting bonuses normally have a time limit, which is often set at seven days – a week. What this means is that the bonus will expire if it is not used within that minimum time limit period. New players signing up at crypto casinos should therefore ensure that they will have enough time to meet any of the terms and conditions before they decide whether or not to take a betting bonus.
max Maximum win limits are often in place for certain types of crypto casino bonuses now as well. From the point of view of the crypto casino, this protects them from having to pay out very large sums of money to players who have perhaps been using free spins or even a no deposit bonus. However, it does mean some players may not receive the full winnings that they were expecting.
deposit Sometimes, betting bonuses at crypto casinos are only available if a certain deposit method is used. At other casinos, it is commonly the case that using e-wallets like PayPal to make an initial deposit will rule a player out from being able to claim a welcome bonus. With a crypto casino, it might be the case that users must deposit in Bitcoin in order to get a betting bonus.
game restrictions Game restrictions can be detailed within the terms and conditions for crypto casino deals too. It is often the case that free spins can only be used on certain slot games, which is likely to be those titles that a crypto casino is trying to encourage their customers to try out on their site.
max Maximum betting limits might be included in the betting bonus terms and conditions too. This can make it harder for a player to make their way through a deal’s wagering requirements.
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Advantages of crypto casino bonuses

Everyone loves to get something for nothing, which is one of the top advantages of crypto casino bonuses. Players can benefit from betting bonuses at a wide array of crypto casinos too, making the most of the welcome offers on the table to try out a few different sites for size.

Free spins, for example, give players a chance to win money without having to spend their own. The appeal of this is clear and helps to explain why crypto casino bonuses are so popular now. Another big plus point of free spins betting bonuses at crypto casinos is that they offer players a chance to test out games with no risk. This is one of the ways that users find new favourites, by giving a game a go using free spins to see what bonus rounds it has and how often it pays out.

Players who intend to visit crypto casino sites regularly can benefit from extra perks through a VIP scheme. Deals like reload offers and cashback bonuses can make it a lot more rewarding to spend time playing games such as slots at the top crypto casinos on the internet right now.

Disadvantages of crypto casino bonuses

Naturally, there can be downsides of crypto casino bonuses too and it would be remiss not to go over some of the most significant disadvantages that need to be taken into account as well.

With a lot of crypto casino bonuses, players need to commit some of their own crypto to claim them. With a deposit bonus, for example, players have to add their own funds to the account that they create in order to be able to trigger the welcome offer that has been put on the table. Wagering requirements can often be a bit tricky to meet, depending on terms and conditions such as the games that can be played to reach them, the time limit involved and so on.

It can also sometimes be the case at crypto casinos that deals have a maximum win limit from bonuses too, which restricts the amount of crypto that a player can receive as their winnings. All in all, though, it is down for casino players to decide whether or not bonuses are good value.



Anyone who was a bit unsure about crypto bonuses should feel more confident after reading our full guide to how crypto casino bonuses work and what terms and conditions to look out for.

With a lot of different crypto casino bonuses out there, it is understandable to be a little overwhelmed, especially as the small print of the T&Cs is often filled with jargon. However, crypto casino bonuses are worth persisting with. They often offer free bonus money to play with, while free spins are another way to win real money with no risk involved whatsoever.

Check out the best crypto casino bonuses right now – and good luck!

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