British game development studio Platipus is known for being one of the most innovative companies providing titles to crypto casinos and other sites around the world. Even though the company was only set up a few years ago, it has quickly established a reputation as one to watch, despite the fact the iGaming world is increasingly crowded. So far, dozens of fun games have been released on crypto casino sites by the Platipus developers and it is likely the firm’s library will be passing the 100 mark in the near future. More than 500 operators have already signed deals to partner with Platipus, indicating that the British company is on the brink of becoming one of the heavy hitters of the iGaming industry.

Crypto casino customers may have seen some of the top Platipus games on their chosen sites already, but for those who are new to the brand, our guide has everything you need to know.


Introduction to Platipus and a brief history

Platipus was created in 2014, so the British development studio is approaching the 10-year anniversary of its foundation, a date at which there is sure to be a very large celebration.

Initially, the company was a part of Miracle Casino but the decision was made to split the studio off into a separate development, a move that has proven to be a smash hit several years later.

Within a couple of years, Platipus had released 10 games on to sites such as crypto casinos, with one of its first major hits being the Crocoman slot that became extremely popular.

In the fifth year of the company’s history, it launched a slate of table games in order to make sure crypto casino customers had plenty of different options when it came to Platipus games.

During the course of 2020, Platipus increased its development by a rapid rate, pushing out a new game every single month to take its library to more than 50. While this number is still small compared to the hundreds of games the biggest developers in the world of iGaming have been able to release over the years, it did indicate that Platipus was a name to keep an eye on.

With a Maltese licence acquired by Platipus in 2021, the company signalled its intention to keep moving into new markets in a bid to secure further growth in the coming months and years.

The RNG used in Platipus games has so far been certified by iTech Labs for the jurisdictions of UK, Italy, AGCC, Denmark, IOM, Malta, Gibraltar, Sweden, and Romania. Further countries are expected to be added to this list in the future as Platipus broadens its global reach even more. A focus on Asia has been clear at Platipus of late, with many of the company’s most recent casino games having an Asian theme or twist to try to appeal to this market as much as possible.

So what are some of the best Platipus games to play at crypto casino sites? Let’s take a look.

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What games does Platipus make?

Platipus creates a few different types of games for crypto casinos, such as the following:

Slot games

As is the case with the vast majority of online casino game developers these days, most of the titles to have been released by Platipus to date fall under the overall umbrella of slot games.

Platipus slot games are known for being bright and colourful to look at, though the studio is always keen to make sure there is a captivating storyline included to increase playability too.

At Platipus, games are made with HTML5 framework and they have all been designed to be as lightweight as possible, which helps ensure they are fast and smooth to run on all devices.

Users at crypto casinos will also love the fact that Platipus games are designed to be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as desktops and laptop PCs.

Platipus has enjoyed success with slot games like:

  • Wild Justice
  • Bamboo Grove
  • Little Witchy,
  • Frozen Mirror
  • Posh Cats.

Joker Chase and Diamond Hunt are two of the most exciting Platipus slot games to play due to the fact that they have a high volatility, but those who are seeking low volatility games can instead opt for Fairy Forest or Jewel Bang. Diamond Hunt offers a maximum multiplier of 15600 total bets, which is extremely eye-catching.

Jackpot games

Crypto casino customers hoping to land a big win can pick from a range of jackpot games that have been released by Platipus so far, with more likely to be in development at the studio.

One of the top jackpot slots from Platipus to date is Piedra del Sol, a game with five reels and50 paylines that sees users follow a fun character called Olivia and her team of bounty hunters as they explore the ancient Temple of the Sun in search of the Sun Stone. In Piedra del Sol, bonus features include the chance to win free spins, while wilds and a multiplier are in place too.

Might of Zeus is one of the most recent jackpot slots to be released by Platipus, with this title having first appeared on crypto casinos and other sites in the summer of 2021. In this game, which has an Ancient Greece theme, users can trigger the Spin of Zeus up to five times.

Many of the jackpot slots at Platipus have a fun theme, but sometimes the studio focuses on clear and simple gameplay in a bid to appeal to crypto casino customers. An example of this can be seen in Wild Spin, a game designed by the developers to take players on a fun-filled adventure through the neon filled casinos of Las Vegas. Up to 25 free spins can be won when playing the Wild Spin jackpot slot, potentially leading to big wins for users at crypto casinos.

Table games

Some slots studios have been known to neglect table games, even though these remain a very popular choice at a lot of the world’s leading crypto casino sites. But this is not the case at Platipus, which ensured that right from the start of the company’s lifespin it ensured it set up a few high quality table games that remain a foundation of its offering several years later.

The selection of table games on offer from the British studio is not the biggest, but it has gone for quality not quantity with around half a dozen different games that are all well worth a look. Each of the casino classics – blackjack, roulette and baccarat – have been covered by the firm. First on the list of table games from Platipus is European roulette, a classic example of the wheel-based game with 18 red and 18 black pockets for the ball to go in, as well as one green zero space. Racetrack bets are supported in the European roulette game from Platipus, which has built in the title with a Neighbours Table where a range of extra wagers are available.

Blackjack is still one of the top games at many crypto casinos, with fans of this card game having a couple of different options to pick from at Platipus. The basic version is as simple a game of blackjack as can be found at crypto casinos, but users can also opt to try their luck in the search for 21 by trying out the studio’s Blackjack VIP game, which has higher bet limits.

In certain parts of the world, baccarat is by far the biggest and best casino game so Platipus has made sure that half of the table games it has released so far are baccarat. Baccarat VIP is sure to appeal to crypto casino customers who want to play for larger stakes, while Baccarat Pro and Baccarat Mini are the two other variations that the Platipus studio has released so far.

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Innovation at the heart of Platipus

Players who use crypto casinos are sure to have noticed that the majority of slot games from various studios have a tendency to feel as if they are made from a boilerplate template. This is not the case at Platipus, where all the games feel unique and hard work goes into each one. The main strand of the innovation when it comes to games released by Platipus is how lightweight they are. This helps to ensure they have a lot of appeal to operators who will feel assured they are going to run smoothly and quickly on their sites, pleasing their customers. Users are always going to get frustrated if they pick out a casino game to play and it takes a long time to load or is slow to spin the reels, but this just does not happen with Platipus games.

As is the case with plenty of slots studios these days, a focus on mobile is very much evident at Platipus, as was detailed by the company’s chief marketing officer Vladyslav Garanko recently. In an interview, he said: Since most players use mobile devices, and I don’t imagine this tendency will change in the foreseeable future, it makes sense for us to invest heavily into mobile friendliness. That includes both lighter graphics as mentioned above and some fancy ways of how not to kill your battery and processor during the loading.” Understandably, Garanko did not want to give away any trade secrets about how Platipus achieves its fast loading times.

Garanko was able to offer some insight into how Platipus develops its games, though, with the studio currently releasing a new title around once every three weeks or so, though sometimes this is a slightly shorter or longer time between fresh titles being added to crypto casinos. Garanko pointed out that Platipus teams are working simultaneously on titles in order to ensure they can be released rapidly on to the market, which helps the company to stay on its targets.

Many of the top casino game developers in the world bring out sequels to capitalise on their biggest hits, with Platipus doing the same. After Wild Spin became one of the top slots to have come from the studio on its release, the decision was quickly made to give players more of what they want. As a result, work is ongoing on Wild Spin Deluxe, a sequel to the original Wild Spin game, which is set to be released at crypto casino sites around the world in the very near future.

Platipus also carries out in-depth analysis of consumer trends, in order for the studio to be able to keep on track with exactly what crypto casino customers want to see from new titles.

While the time it takes for a Platipus game to be created is around six weeks, the company is on record as explaining the majority of this time is actually spent in the quality assurance phase. While a lot of slot studios and casino game manufacturers can be guilty of rushing their games out as fast as possible, extensive testing by Platipus ensures its titles meet a high standard.

The future of Platipus

While Platipus has enjoyed strong success so far, there can never be any guarantees in iGaming. The sector constantly seems to be in a state of flux, which can make it hard for developers and studios to move in the right direction, especially when regulatory challenges have to be taken into account. Platipus is already in a lot of markets around the world, but the future of the company will see it continue to target new nations and countries around the world.

Chief executive Martijn Peters recently stated that attracting the right type of users at crypto casinos was going to be one of the top priorities for the company in the near-term. He said: “The biggest challenge is targeting the right audience. I mean the audience that decides to play for fun and not to make money. People who play healthy are the ones who will positively influence the development of the industry. I think this will continue to be our challenge in the near future, as we still have many things to do. For instance, we need to adequately adapt to governmental regulations and make further efforts to implement AI technologies to protect the players.”

With new games coming out of the development studio at Platipus around every month or so, the company’s slate of titles is going to keep expanding at a steady rate. With the company placing so much importance on customer analysis, it seems likely there will be a balance between creating more of the type of games that have proven popular so far and trying out new things in a bid to find a market gap – a challenge when the iGaming world is so competitive.

Platipus is playing its cards close to its chest regarding the innovations it is working on, but Garanko did let slip in his interview a hint or two about the company’s future direction. He said: “We will continue searching and experimenting with different styles to keep things interesting. You can expect a LOT of new features in 2022. We have received absolutely massive positive feedback from our partners and players in 2021 and already have some grand ideas on how to make our games even better.”

What is for sure is that users of crypto casinos will be keeping a close eye on their chosen site for new releases from Platipus – especially Wild Spin Deluxe which is likely to be a big hit. Indeed, with crypto casinos already a hot trend in the industry, Peters has explained how playing with Bitcoin can be considered the equivalent of swapping money for chips at a real casino.

Some people may have doubts about the future of crypto casinos, but Platipus games are sure to be among the most popular that feature on these sites in the months and years to come.

Speaking about crypto casinos, Peters recently said: “Because its value is mostly determined by people. It is sort of a self-sustaining cycle. As long as people believe the crypto has value, it will. The moment they stop believing, it will collapse. Of course, as in any industry, there are bad apples, but we try to ward them off, and not let them affect us.”

That balanced approach to crypto casinos is likely to pay off for Platipus with sustained success.

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