Best Ripple Casinos 2024

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency ever launched, back in 2008, and since then, thousands of cryptocurrencies have been created. There is no denying that cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing the world of money. One of the big players in the crypto space is Ripple who have developed a robust and scalable network that is making more than ripples but waves of change. So, it is no wonder that Ripple is becoming a firm favourite of online casinos and players alike.

As cryptocurrencies like Ripple become more mainstream, existing and new casinos are adding support for Ripple and its native token XRP. Plus, almost daily, more and more new Ripple casinos are launching.

Our goal at is to help spread the word, educate gamblers about crypto, and how to pick the best Ripple casinos to play at. Below you will find all the key information you need, such as what Ripple is, what Ripple casinos are, how to transact with XRP, the advantages and disadvantages and so much more.


What is Ripple?

The Ripple project launched in 2012 and was originally called NewCoin, then OpenCoin, and finally renamed Ripple. There are 3 key components to Ripple. Ripple Labs itself is a company that develops, manages, and maintains the technology. The underlying technology that powers Ripple is called Ripplenet and the native cryptocurrency is known as XRP. It is important to note that Ripplenet does not use blockchain like many other cryptocurrencies. However, Ripple does use an open-source distributed database like most other cryptos.

The aim of Ripple was to build a real-time, fast, less costly, and scalable payment solution to other digital assets and legacy payment platforms like Swift. Essentially Ripplenet works like other distributed crypto networks in that nodes around the world validate all XRP transactions. There are many financial institutions and universities that are member nodes on Ripplenet. Each time a transaction takes place on the network, the nodes come to a consensus on the order and the validity of the transaction, which then gets written to the XRP ledger.

The ability for Ripplenet to facilitate cross-border payments in real-time, compared to legacy banking systems that can take days, and are extremely expensive, is why many large financial institutions are adopting the technology. Some of the big players include Bank of America, American Express, Barclays, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander, UniCredit, and various others.

The total number of XRP tokens that will ever exist is 100 billion, however, Ripple Labs still holds the majority of these in escrow. This cap on the number of tokens prevents inflationary effects, unlike most fiat currencies where central banks can print more notes if deemed necessary.

Thanks to the speed, efficiency, and low-cost transactions, it is no surprise that XRP has become such a popular cryptocurrency with casinos and players alike.

What are Ripple Casinos?

In the broadest terms, a Ripple Casino is any online casino that offers payments with XRP. With the growing popularity of crypto for gambling, many legacy online casinos that previously only accepted fiat currency payments have now added support for crypto payments like XRP.

There are however many new online casinos that have appeared on the scene in the last few years which only accept crypto payments like XRP, BTC, ETH, and so on. These new generation cryptocurrency and Ripple casinos have realized that the demand for crypto betting sites is growing as cryptocurrencies become more and more integral to our online world. Many of these Ripple casinos understand that a lot of players are not yet familiar with buying crypto through exchanges, so some of them offer the option to purchase your desired crypto through their sites.

It is worth noting that some crypto casinos will display your crypto casino balance as an equivalent fiat currency amount, whereas many pure crypto casinos will show your balance in the respective cryptocurrency. The relevance of this is you should be aware of what exchange rate the casino is using. Ideally, if you are depositing XRP, you should be able to bet with XRP and withdraw in XRP. Another reason to pay attention is that you are aware of how much each bet is costing you.

As you can tell, Ripple casinos are essentially the same as fiat-based online casinos, and it is only the actual transaction processing of deposits and withdrawals which are a little different.

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Ripple Casino Games

When it comes to the games offered by Ripple casinos, they are the same as the games you would find at a regular fiat currency casino. The best Ripple Casinos will offer games from all the big game developers like BetSoft, Big Time Gaming, Play’n GO, NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Red Tiger, Yggdrasil, and dozens more. Some crypto casinos may offer some unique blockchain-based games, but this niche is still in its infancy and may take some years until there is a large range of these games.

Included in this you will find thousands of slots, and hundreds of variations of table games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, and much more. Any decent Ripple casino will also offer Live Dealer games which allow you to interact with the dealers and even other players in real-time. Besides the regular casino games, many crypto gambling sites also offer bingo, poker, and sports betting.

Ripple Casino Bonuses

Your online gambling experience at a Ripple casino would not be complete without bonuses. Once again, just like traditional fiat currency casinos, you will be privy to various bonuses, promotions, leaderboards, cashback offers, and more.

As can be expected, when you sign up with a Ripple Casino, you will receive a welcome package. The typical kinds of welcome bonuses are first deposit match bonuses, generally in the region of 100%-200% up to a certain amount. Some crypto casinos also offer a limited number of Free Spins with the deposit match bonus. The welcome package might be a once-off bonus or it could consist of various parts, where you receive a portion with the first few deposits you make.

Besides the regular signup bonuses, you can expect to also receive various ongoing bonuses and promotions. All the best Ripple casinos will have enticing offers to keep you as a loyal player. Plus, most casinos nowadays have innovative loyalty programs too with extra rewards and giveaways.

While you might be tempted to jump at the biggest bonus offers, you need to consider the terms and conditions to determine if a bonus is worth your time and money. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Do Ripple deposits qualify for bonuses – Unfortunately, some crypto casinos will only make the bonus available for some crypto deposits and not others. For example, some casinos may only offer a bonus if you deposit BTC.
  • Minimum deposit – Check to see what the minimum Ripple deposit amount is to qualify for the promotion.
  • Maximum bonus – There is always a limit to the maximum bonus you can receive.
  • Maximum bonus winnings transfer – Many casinos limit the bonus winnings amount that you can transfer to your real money balance.
  • Wagering Requirements – This is the number of times you will need to play/cycle your money before being allowed to cash out. However, be sure to check if the wagering applies to the deposit amount, the bonus amount, the winnings from the bonus, or all of them.
  • Withdrawal limits – It is quite common for casinos to limit how much you can withdraw daily or weekly.
  • Bonus validity period – This refers to how long the bonus is valid from the time it gets activated.
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Ripple Casino Deposits

When you are ready to join a Ripple casino, you will need some XRP in a crypto wallet to get started. A crypto wallet is essentially software where you store your digital currencies and can send and receive funds. The most convenient and popular crypto wallets are apps that you can download from Google Play or iTunes. There are many quality apps that are free to use. Besides smartphone apps, there are desktop and web-based wallets too, and for those that want the ultimate security, there are hardware wallets.

Buying XRP

Buying XRP is a fairly simple and straightforward process. You can buy XRP through almost all major crypto exchanges. The crypto exchanges allow you to exchange your fiat currency for the desired crypto at the prevailing market rate. Exchanges allow you to purchase with credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and other payment methods. Using any reputable crypto exchange is safe and easy to get your XRP. When you have XRP in your crypto wallet, you will be ready to make your first Ripple casino deposit.

Depositing with XRP

  • Log into your Ripple casino account.
  • Select the “Deposit” button or navigate to the banking/cashier tab.
  • If there are various crypto options, choose Ripple/XRP.
  • You will be shown a crypto address (long string of letters and numbers) and there might even be a QR code.
  • Open your XRP crypto wallet and choose send/transfer. Enter the address mentioned above or scan the QR code. Check that you have entered it 100% correctly.
  • Input the amount of XRP you want to deposit into your Ripple casino account.
  • If you are satisfied with everything, submit/send.
  • Wait a few minutes and your casino account balance should reflect the deposited amount.
  • Play and enjoy.

Withdrawing with XRP

  • Log into your Ripple casino account and find the withdraw option, usually located within the cashier tab.
  • Make sure you have completed any necessary wagering requirements before requesting the withdrawal or you could possibly forfeit the bonus and any winnings from it.
  • Enter the amount of XRP you want to withdraw.
  • Enter your XRP wallet address i.e., your public address. (Never share your wallet private key with anyone, ever!)
  • Confirm you have entered your wallet address 100% correctly.
  • Submit
  • Wait for the casino to process the request and then your XRP wallet balance will update.
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Advantages of Ripple Casinos

Decentralization – Thanks to the decentralized nature of XRP, transactions are not controlled by centralized organizations or governments.

Secure – Thanks to the design and function of crypto, it is highly secure.

Anonymous – Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of cryptocurrencies are in fact only pseudo-anonymous. This means that while your personal information does not need to be revealed like in a credit card transaction, the transactions you perform can be tracked through the public ledger based on the public address. Irrespective, this pseudo-anonymity means your bank and authorities will not see your transactions, and even if someone has your public address there is nothing they can do with it.

Reliable – Because XRP transactions take place directly between you and the Ripple casino, there are no 3rd party payment processors, resulting in enhanced reliability.

Fast – Transactions with XRP are extremely fast. This is a great benefit when cashing out from the casino as you don’t need to wait days for the banks to process your funds.

Low cost – One of the primary features of crypto and especially XRP is the very low fees compared to regular banking and money transfer costs.


Disadvantages of Ripple Casinos

No Recourse – As soon as an XRP transaction has been confirmed by nodes on the network, the transaction is final and cannot be reversed. If you send it to the wrong address, you will not be able to get your funds back. Also, if you have a dispute with the casino, you cannot chargeback like a credit card.

Volatility – Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, and their value can fluctuate rapidly. This means the equivalent fiat value in your casino account could go up or down at any time.

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Ripple Casino FAQs

How do I choose the best Ripple casino?

Deciding which Ripple casino is best for you depends on various factors. You will want to review what the casino offers in terms of games, bonuses, support and if the casino is licensed. For your protection, it is always advisable to play at a licensed casino. Be sure to also check the terms and conditions before depositing and playing.

Is Ripple better than Bitcoin?

When it comes to basic transactions like deposits and withdrawals, Ripple is probably the better option. This is because Ripple transactions are much faster, and the fees are much lower. The only thing to be aware of that may influence your decision is if the casino does offer a bonus for XRP deposits as some casinos only offer a bonus for BTC deposits.

Are Ripple casinos legal?

The legality of online casinos varies for every country so you will need to check your local laws and regulations. In terms of crypto, once again this will depend on your local laws. If you gamble with a Ripple casino that is licensed and regulated for your jurisdiction then you will more than likely be fine, but if in doubt, check with your local authorities.