Crypto casino payment methods

When playing at a crypto casino, various different payment methods are able to be used. Most crypto casinos these days allow their customers to use Bitcoin, Litecoin and so on as well as a range of fiat currencies, in order to ensure users have flexibility over making their deposits. What are the options when it comes to payment methods at crypto casinos? Let’s take a look.

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Making payments at a crypto casino

While crypto casinos do tend to be more innovative than a lot of the other sites out there offering games such as slots, making payments still works in much the same way – via the cashier.

Here, players will be able to see all of the different payment methods that are available to use. There are likely to be plenty of options when it comes to cryptocurrency, as well as a few of the more traditional online payment methods that people have been using at casinos for years.

Crypto casino players should take a few things into account when choosing a payment method:

Safety and security: For a lot of people who play at crypto casino sites, the most important thing to think about when choosing a payment method is whether it is safe and secure. Casinos are often targets for hackers, for obvious reasons, so staying safe and keeping users’ financial information protected should be a high priority for all operators. Cryptocurrency is considered to be one of the safest ways to move money around online, so it certainly ticks a box for this one.

Speed: When playing at a crypto casino, speed is of the essence too. Some online payment methods can be slower than others when it comes to making a deposit. Players are unlikely to want to have to wait for their deposit attempt to be processed for them to be able to start playing games such as slots. Cryptocurrency deposits are normally instant and this is usually the case for deposits made using alternative online payment options such as debit cards and e-wallets.

Convenience: The easiest online payment to use is always going to be a popular pick too. For convenience, it is hard to beat a debit card for making a deposit into an online casino account. However, those who like to use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin will be well used to the extra steps required to transfer funds over, so this is likely to be a convenient method for them too.

Fees: One of the key things to consider when selecting which online payment method to opt for is whether or not there are fees involved. It is not usually the case that an online casino will charge a fee for making a deposit as this would obviously put a lot of people off from playing. But when it comes to taking out winnings, withdrawals to certain payment methods are sometimes subject to a transaction fee needing to be paid. Users should make sure they pay close attention to whether or not fees will be charged when they pick their payment method.

Minimum/max deposit limit: Crypto casinos are likely to have limits in place when it comes to deposits. Users will have to deposit a certain amount of money into their account within a single transaction in order to stay within these limits. High rollers who intend to add a lot of money to their accounts will not want to select a payment method with a relatively low maximum deposit. On the flip side, someone with a smaller budget for playing at an online crypto casino might want to opt for a payment method where they can make a relatively low minimum deposit.

Minimum/max withdrawal limit: It is also the case that crypto casinos are likely to have a maximum and maximum withdrawal limit in place, as well as for any deposits that are made. A minimum withdrawal limit can be frustrating if a player has quite a low amount of money left in their account, especially if there are some restrictions on which payment method can be used. Alternatively, anyone who is fortunate enough to win a lot of money at their chosen online crypto casino will want to be able to withdraw their winnings without being subject to a maximum limit.

Thinking about all of the above factors can help people decide which payment method to use.

The best online payment methods to use at crypto casino sites

Taking all of the above information into account, here are the best payment methods to opt for:


Naturally, the most popular payment method at crypto casinos is likely to be cryptocurrency itself. Even though crypto is a relatively new invention, a growing number of online casinos, not just those that are specifically crypto casinos, now allow crypto to be used as a deposit method.

While crypto can be a risky choice as a result of the unpredictable fluctuations in its value, there are a lot of reasons to opt for crypto as a payment method when playing at an online casino. One of these is safety and security. Crypto is regarded as one of the safest ways to move money online, allowing users to avoid sharing personal or financial information with sites.

Here are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies to use for deposits at online casinos:

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Credit Cards


Credit Card Description


Depending on a player’s location in the world, credit or debit cards can be used to make online payments at a casino site. Visa is one of the most famous operators within this department.

This American company is a giant of the online payments world and many people who want to play at crypto casinos are likely to already have either a Visa debit or a credit card in their wallet. Using Visa is easy at crypto casinos – users need to enter their card details to make a deposit.


Visa’s great rival in the online payments industry is MasterCard, which is used by many millions of people all over the world for shopping and making deposits into sites like online casinos. Mastercard debit and credit cards work in the same way as Visa debit and credit cards, with a lot of people probably having a card from both companies in their wallet or in their purse. Due to the fact that Mastercard recorded revenues of over $15 billion in 2020, the company is one of the largest in the world in its area, while it is also regarded to be very trustworthy too.


Visa and MasterCard may be the most famous names in the online payment industry, but Maestro is a decent third option for those who want to make a deposit by using a card. Maestro cards are also quick and easy to use, boasting the same instant deposit speeds as the credit and debit cards that can be used from both Visa and MasterCard as well. As Maestro cards are accepted in about 100 countries around the world, these will be a solid option for most people who are thinking of signing up to play all of their favourite games at a crypto casino.


Using cards or crypto is not for everyone at a casino site, which is where e-wallets can come in. Leading options such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller have become increasingly popular ways to add funds to online casino accounts with these deposits instant, as they are with debit cards.

Skrill and Neteller are now part of the same British global payments company Paysafe Group. Neteller supports more than 25 different global currencies and Skrill is used around the world.

Withdrawing winnings to an e-wallet is usually one of the fastest ways for players to get their hands on their money too. At the majority of crypto casino sites in the world, payments made to e-wallets will usually be received within a matter of hours and can even be minutes sometimes. E-wallets are also regarded as being safe and secure to use for payments at online casinos.


Instant banking

A traditional online payment method that can still be used at a lot of crypto casinos is instant banking, with users simply having to connect up their banking and casino accounts. However, this does involve sharing financial information with the crypto casino in question, which many people might prefer to avoid doing unless this is absolutely necessary. Withdrawing winnings via instant banking also tends to be one of the slowest ways for people to receive cash out of their crypto casino account. It is not uncommon for such sites to take up to a week to make a payment via a bank transfer. Users should also look out for fees being charged on withdrawals via bank transfer as well.

Apple Pay

Playing at a crypto casino via a mobile device continues to get more and more popular, so mobile-specific payment methods are also on the rise. People who use an iOS device such as the iPhone to gamble online will enjoy the fact they will likely be able to use Apple Pay to fund their accounts. Rapid deposits are among the reasons to pick Apple Pay as a payment method, along with the fact there are extra security levels included to make sure that transfers are completely safe too. As Touch ID and Face ID can be used for biometric authentication, Apple Pay is highly secure.

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When it comes to prepaid online payment methods that can be used at a variety of top sites such as crypto casinos, Paysafecard is by far the most famous option out there right now.

Paysafecard is widely regarded to be very secure as users enter a 16-digit PIN code to add funds from the prepaid online payment method into their online gambling account.

Many people might not realise that this is the case, but Paysafecard is also actually a part of the same online payments giant as Skrill and Neteller, which helps to ensure it is trustworthy too. As is the case when using cryptocurrency to make a deposit into an online gambling account, one of the benefits of opting for Paysafecard is that users will not have to share any of their personal or financial information with the operator in question – ensuring their privacy.



A relatively new online payment method for crypto casino sites is Revolut, a company that was only founded a few years ago but is already making a substantial splash in the industry. Revolut is an easy-to-use mobile bank and it has a range of top benefits as a payment method, such as the fact that it works with VISA and MasterCard. There is generally no fee to deposit into online casinos with Revolut itself, but users should check the terms and conditions just to be sure.

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In short, crypto casinos have plenty of great options when it comes to online payments, though many people will stick to Bitcoin or their preferred cryptocurrency when making deposits. Users should check fees will not be charged on their selected payment method and look into things such as maximum and minimum deposits/withdrawals before picking one to go with.

More and more payment methods are being launched all the time too, which is great news.

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