With games featured on more than 500 casino sites around the world, Betsoft titles will be familiar to a lot of people who love to play slots.

Betsoft games have resulted in the company being handed a wide array of industry awards over the years and its titles are often among the most popular to play at crypto casinos as well.

Casino sites in Europe and North America are among those to feature Betsoft titles, but what is it about games from this company that makes it such a special operator?

Our full guide to Betsoft casino games has all the details, so read on for full information.


Introduction to Betsoft and a brief history

Betsoft was founded all the way back in 2006, so the company has built up more than 15 years of experience of producing games that can be played at crypto casinos and other sites.

Among the developers dedicated to the use of modern HTML5 based technology, Betsoft titles are often at the forefront of innovation, which helps to make them popular with players.

Betsoft’s early titles helped to build the company’s reputation in the industry and it has long been considered to be one of the most exciting firms within the world of iGaming.

As well as its own games, like a lot of companies within the industry Betsoft has also come up with a full featured casino management platform to assure its place at the top of the sector.

Betsoft has long been interested in crypto casinos, an area of the industry many believe is going to be increasingly important in the months and years to come as Bitcoin gets more popular.

In September 2021, Betsoft announced a new deal with award winning and industry-leading casino platform BitStarz, which became one of the first crypto casinos on its launch in 2014.

Having been shortlisted for Online Casino of the Year 2021, the partnership with BitStarz is a clear sign that Betsoft remains ambitious and wants to ensure it remains at the top of its field.

The deal with BitStarz came hot on the heels of a similar partnership with Stake, another crypto casino where users are able to make a deposit in over 130 different cryptocurrencies. As a result, Stake got access to an award-winning portfolio from Betsoft, which includes table games.

Various awards have gone Betsoft’s way over the company’s lifespan, including the prize for Innovation in RNG Casino at the 2019 EGR B2B Awards for its game Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. Betsoft was then nominated in two categories in the 2020 EGR B2B Awards – Innovation in RNG Casino and Casino Software Supplier – showing it is at the peak of its powers. Betsoft’s Stay Frosty game was voted the No 1 Holiday Slot for 2021, showing the company’s popularity.

Also during the year 2020, Booming Games was shortlisted in three categories at the 2020 EGR B2B Awards, indicating that the sector was really sitting up to take notice of the studio’s work.

Booming Games has long made sure it is suited for its titles to be used at crypto casinos, where players can add Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to their account. Being able to play Booming Games in Bitcoin is a big tick in the box for anyone who is interested in playing slot games.

So what are some of the best games to have come out of the Booming Games studio so far?

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What games does Betsoft make?

Like a lot of companies that have their titles featured on crypto casino sites, Betsoft makes a few different types of games, ensuring it has a broad appeal to many different players.

Video slots

Slots tend to dominate the selection on offer at crypto casinos, so there is no surprise Betsoft has targeted this particular area with the majority of the games it has developed so far. Betsoft slots are known for their innovation, which has seen the company receive a raft of awards and nominations over the years, ensuring users always get something new from them.

Fast gameplay and unique 3D design are some of the hallmarks of the best Betsoft slot games. The Slots3 brand is where many of the most famous Betsoft slots come from. Indeed, it is in this area where many users of crypto casinos are most likely to have experienced Betsoft slots.

As Betsoft says: “We pride ourselves on creating themes that resonate with the widest possible player base, and building mechanics and features with universal appeal.”

Betsoft slots are often compared to movies or video games, such as the richness of the design. New Betsoft slots are also being launched on a regular basis at crypto casinos, giving players fresh options to try out at their next visit to a site.

Among the most recent releases to the list of Betsoft video slots are the magical Alkemor’s Elements, which offers users the chance to win up to 1,200x the size of their bet, as well as the animal-themed Primal Wilderness, which has a monster 1,024 ways to win.

Table games

There is no doubting the fact Betsoft’s focus is on slot games, but unlike other studios and developers the company has taken the time to come up with some great table games as well

Betsoft table games include blackjack, baccarat, roulette and pai gow, with something for all users who want to try out something new at their chosen crypto casino site. Classic games like poker and rummy have also received the treatment from Betsoft, ensuring this casino company has produced a wide array of different titles to enjoy.

Top Card Trumps is one of the most interesting table games to have been released by Betsoft. The idea of the game could hardly be easier, with users who pick Top Card Trumps at crypto casinos winning against the dealer if they have a card with a higher value – it is that easy.

Another of the best table games from Betsoft is Zero Roulette, which comes with pre-configured popular betting templates such as Orphelins and Zero bets to make it simple for users to play.

Video poker

A lot of companies neglect video poker games these days, instead opting to focus the majority of their attention on developing slot games that can be played at crypto casinos.

Betsoft has not produced a lot of video poker titles, but the company has made sure users who like these types of games still have some options available at their chosen casino site.

Single hand and multi-hand versions of video poker games have both been made by Betsoft.

Betsoft video poker games such as Deuces Wild, Tens or Better and Joker offer something a bit different from the norm when compared to a lot of the other video poker games out there.

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Innovation at the heart of Betsoft

Betsoft is known for its innovation, earning plenty of industry recognition for this department.

The company recently announced it was releasing a new gamification tool which could result in a huge way players at crypto casinos experience the gameplay on their favourite slot games.

Betsoft says that its Take the Prize too “will significantly add to the overall player experience in iGaming” and it is very difficult to argue with the company’s assessment.

How Take the Prize works is that the tool offers a random fortune wheel with cash prizes or bonuses in the qualifying games throughout any promotion offered by a crypto casino.

As real-time notifications and instant rewards, Take the Prize offers a rapid addition to slots. Take the Prize has already been added to games included in Betsoft’s award-winning portfolio.

More to the point, due to the fact that Take the Prize has become the first Betsoft Drive product to be launched, crypto casino customers will be eagerly waiting to see what comes next.

Renata Banyar, the chief marketing officer at Betsoft Gaming, said: “Changing the way we play was the driving force behind Take the Prize™. We wanted to increase the connection players have with us, boost game performance and give bigger wins. Not only is this great news for our players but, simultaneously, our clients are fully supported in their efforts to enhance player engagement and retention. Take the Prize – it really is what everyone’s been waiting for.”

Betsoft has also pledged a second promotional tool will shortly be released, following in the footsteps of the Take the Prize tool which is set to have a revolutionary impact on slots.

The Hive is one of the recently released Betsoft video slots to show off the firm’s innovation. The unique gameplay in The Hive slot centres around the game’s 3-4-5-4-3 grid, which means users will be looking at 30 paylines and 19 honeycombs when they opt to spin the reels on the game.

In this slot game, the aim is to find the queen bee, who will summon other bees to the reels to add a wide array of multipliers, increasing the potential wins that can be earned from the slot.

The Hive’s innovation sees a Honey Meter that is filled up by each drone bee that appears, while honey wilds have also been included in this recent unique slot game from Betsoft too.

Innovation in corporate responsibility at Betsoft

Part of the innovation at Betsoft is how seriously the company takes corporate responsibility. Users of crypto casinos will be pleased to hear all about how Betsoft opts to give back.

Towards the end of 2021, Betsoft announced that it would be embarking on a new Twelve Days of Giving charity campaign in order to mark the start of the Christmas period.

Malta-based Betsoft picked out a range of Malta-based charities to receive funds through the scheme, helping out a variety of foundations, groups and charities in the local community.

Soup kitchens and food banks were among the organisations to receive funds through the Twelve Days of Giving charity campaign that was launched by Betsoft in 2021.

Marketing manager for Betsoft Kami Scerri said: “Betsoft has an active Corporate Social Responsibility programme and it really is our pleasure to be working with so many different charities. We also have been heartened by how many people have helped us with our ‘Twelve Days of Giving’ initiative. From the suppliers to our team – everyone has contributed in some way to make this a success for the people and animals we are trying to help.”

With users at crypto casinos likely to want to play games from companies that have an active corporate responsibility department, this could shore up Betsoft’s leading position even more.

The future of Betsoft

Betsoft’s future at the top of the iGaming world seems safe, with more crypto casinos opting to work with a company that is widely regarded as one of the very best in the business.

More awards are likely to be given to Betsoft in recognition of the hard work and innovation taking place at the firm too, with various nominations having been announced in recent times.

For example, Betsoft recently confirmed it was up for a brace of prizes at the EGR B2B Awards 2022, being nominated for both the Slot Supplier of the Year prize and Mobile Supplier of the Year. Mobile has long been an area of strength for Betsoft, with its work not going unnoticed.

One of the major challenges for experienced developers of crypto casino games such as Betsoft is ensuring that things stay fresh, with innovation being everything in the iGaming business. After all, those who do not ensure they are producing something new can quickly get left behind.

The launch of the Take the Prize gamification tool is likely to be seen as a major moment in the future of Betsoft, showing how the company is willing to take risks to be more appealing to users. Players at crypto casinos always want to make sure they are getting the best bang for their buck, with Take the Prize’s bonuses and special gameplay ensuring they get just that.

Naturally, as with a lot of companies involved in the crypto casinos sphere, Betsoft has seen a lot of challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis over the course of the past few years. In response, Betsoft used social media to pursue significant growth opportunities, which paid off.

Many believe the European market is already quite saturated, but the Netherlands and Belgium are two of the countries where a more relaxed approach to rules and regulations is going to result in more crypto casinos being launched in the coming years. In turn, this provides more chances for game developers such as Betsoft, which currently releases a new title around every couple of weeks but could yet scale that up as the company continues to expand its staff.

Mobile-first crypto casinos are also sure to be a target for Betsoft in the future, as seen by the company announcing that it had done a deal with DBosses towards the start of 2022. A newly launched mobile first casino brand from iGG, DBosses features all the award-winning slots and table games from Betsoft that people know and love, including the company’s new titles too.

While releasing new slots is sure to remain the meat and drink of Betsoft’s future, the company is branching out into new areas such as a drive into European business development as well.

Betsoft slots and other games are sure to remain hugely popular at crypto casinos in the future.

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