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  • Token Liquidity,
    Limited Supply

    Gamblica always keeps 20% of all GMBCs as a game fund, generating constant token flow on crypto exchanges. If you want to sell, there will always be players willing to buy GMBCs from you, since GMBC supply is limited. If you want to buy, you can even do it with fiat directly from us.
  • Buy for Less,
    Sell for More

    The only way to access the platform is GMBC. The limited supply of GMBC and the fact that it's a utility token generate constant demand, making it so attractive to users.
  • Listing on Top

    Right when you are reading this, we are negotiating with the world's biggest crypto exchanges. Every trading platform you can think of will be listing GMBC no later than Q3 2018.
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Token Sale

10 000 GMBC = 1 ETH

1 000 000 000 GMBC

0.1 ETH

12 400 GMBC = 1 ETH

June 1st

What is Gamblica

Sports Betting
Poker Room
Gamblica platform will be offering wide range of gambling activities:
roulette and slot machines, poker room, sports betting – all of it running on completely transparent
and secure smart contract system.

Gambling Turns


Fast and cheap transactions. Globalization (fast and easy international payments, easier global expansion). The use of a decentralized system eliminates the risk of fraud on the part of the online gaming platform.


Unlike similar projects, Gamblica is led by a team of managers with extensive experience in the field of gambling – no, losing a pile of cash at a casino does not count as such. Our main goal is to prove that gambling can be much more enjoyable and safe than it is now.


Each time one plays at an online casino, there's that lingering murky feeling called "My Slot Machine Is Rigged". And often it really is the case. Our developers put in countless hours of work to eliminate that. Gamblica’s Random Number Generation algorithm gives any player the means to verify every game's outcome. Provided that player has a degree in Mathematical Statistics and Cryptography to make sense of it all, that is.

Users Come First

We are user-oriented to the core. We won’t market our platform for B2B, we won’t give our beautiful clockwork tech to some dodgy hack of a casino operator. A fun fact: most startups that do so fail in the most spectacular manner. Just to reiterate – we won't. We do care about our players.
Game Changer
No matter what your game of choice is, Gamblica will be there for you. We do our best to bring our vision of an honest, client-oriented business to every gambling activity. We don’t want to spoil anything yet, but soon we will prove our words with a new world-class product.

Under the Hood

As it often happens, the coolest thing about Gamblica is buried deep in smart contracts and arcane cryptographic theories. No one, literally not one person, can compromise the game's outcome.

Our Random Number Generator — all capitals, of course — requires several parameters to generate a random number. Each of those parameters is independent from others; some are generated by Ethereum blockchain.

When they all come together in our dearly beloved RSA PRNG algorithm — we should probably come up with a cooler name for this one — your game's security becomes virtually impenetrable.


Meet the Team

P B Stanton

Advisor / Cryptocurrency Lawyer

Extremely experienced lawyer, more than 25 years in the field. Crypto Investor. Took part in ICO regulatory framework development in the USA. Knows basically everything about securities, banking, ICO, and cryptocurrency law.

Nathan Christian

Advisor / Blockchain Technology Consultant

A successful entrepreneur with more than 35 startups in the portfolio. Technical expert in blockchain-based accounting and financial applications. About a dozen blockchain startups owe their success to Nathan.

Narigamba Mwinsuubo

Advisor / Digital Security

Narigamba Mwinsuubo is an entrepreneur and the founder & CEO of Bitland Global. He is currently working in digital security and tracking of land titles using the blockchain as a backbone. Narigamba promotes the ideas of liberty and free market in Africa.

Shebin John

Advisor / Gambling Marketing Expert

A computer engineer, John has been involved in the crypto field since 2013 and has worked with various ICO Projects. He has worked as SEO and Marketing Expert for two pioneering Bitcoin casinos. He also helped these projects to improve user experience during the initial stage of their launch.

Dmitry Yakovlev

Co-Founder / CEO

A successful, self-made businessman, he co-owned and managed a casino for 15 years. High-stakes poker player in online and offline casinos. Launched a number of booming startups in 2017.

Nikita Cherenkov

Co-Founder / Investment Relations

An aspiring entrepreneur, he has been working with the cryptosphere since 2013. Attracted over $20M as a head of investments. Took part in the development of several successful startups.

Yury Bulanov

Partner / Early Investor

Extremely successful businessman. Regularly participates in high-stakes games in Macau, Sanremo, and Monte-Carlo. Member of the Board of Directors at Thermal JSC and Perfacom LLC, CEO at COMMET LLC with the total turnover of more than 10 billion dollars.

Andrey Shevelev

Head of Marketing and PR

Knows everything there is to know about marketing. For the last 5 years, he has been working exclusively in the crypto field. Developed marketing strategies for several ICO projects and helped to raise more than 12 million dollars in the last 2 years. Cooperated with Exmo and hitBTC.

Mikhail Ignatiev


Technical expert in IT industry, natural-born leader. Cooperated with major brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, LG, Mastercard, Nestle, and AUDI. For the last two years has been specializing in blockchain development and smart contracts exclusively.

Bogdan Orlov


Entrepreneur. Co-owner of an advertising production company. Organized international media events and cooperated with AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Rammstein.

Anatoly Bordyugov

Independent Advisor / Investor Relations

Worked for the KPMG international consulting company as an investment analyst. Raised more than 25 million dollars as a head of investor relations.

Vagiz Nurullov

Financial Consultant

Financial analyst specialising in banking and venture funds. Developed several consulting-boutique cases for strategic advancements with full projects support involving new technologies.

Vladimir Kolmogorov

Legal Expert

Government relations expert for almost twenty years working for various governmental and private structures. Ten years ago got his second legal degree. Easily navigates tricky international crypto regulation issues.

Gleb Gael

Head of Content Department

Professional online poker player with 5 years experienced. For the last 3 years cooperated with all the most popular CIS and abroad gambling sites as a copywriter, content-manager, journalist, and affiliate.

Armi Manukian


If there’s design – there’s Armi. For the last fifteen years design is his passion and profession. Web, graphic, or product design – you name it, Armi can do it.

Tigran Baghdasaryan

Frontend Developer

Web development guru. Nine years of frontend development, several startups, three years in web games – Tigran’s experience can only be matched by his cheerful can-do approach

Vladimir Andreevich

Frontend Developer

Vladimir has 8 years of frontend development experience and more than 350 completed projects behind his belt. He worked with Sony, KFC, NLMK and many other major brands.

Roman Revin

Backend Developer

Stone cold web developer specialising in web architecture and backend development. Took part in creating decentralised CRM and ERP systems as well as highload services.

Olga Gofman


Human relations generalist with eight years of experience. Worked both in big holdings and several successful startups, where she was responsible for hunting talent, establishing solid internal communication, forming well performing teams, and developing motivational frameworks.

Andrey Rudnev

Head of Community Managament

For the last 4 years, Andrey was mastering his management skills, working in the IT, finance, and crypto spheres. An impressive track record in Remote Management and Business Analysis allows him to build, train, and manage a well-organized support team for virtually any project.

Anton Kuznetsov

Ad Campaign Director

Honeybadger of internet marketing, Anton has been specializing in crypto projects for the last 4 years. He is legendary for his productiveness, tirelessness, and work ethic. Additional experience in web design gives him uniquely broad perspective on his field. Raised more than 10 million dollars for his previous ICO. Has his own crypto-related blog, owns a drum kit.

Paul Kochetov


Jack of all trades. Fluent in Russian, German, and English. Paul's responsibilities range from content creation and graphic design to community management and silly twitter jokes. Got in talking business when he was two years old.

Yuliya Proskurina

Community Manager

Yuliya truly is a people’s person. She worked in retail, then in logistics business, then in crypto – and everywhere she is at her best when helping people and building communication with customers.

Sergey Melnichuk

Community Manager

Big crypto enthusiast. Has been following crypto market for several years, then found a position in an ICO support team. For the last two years, happily helps people understand all the intricacies of his dearly beloved blockchain tech.

Olga Skokova

Community Manager

Olya started as a banking consultant, quickly rising up to VIP Clients Relations. Then she worked at Foreign Clients Relations for three more years, after which she fell in love with crypto. For the last two years she’s been happily managing ICO communities.

Mary Avetisyan

Community Manager

Before Gamblica, Mary has worked at the WEX exchange, managing more than 1,2 million users. Mary’s expertise lies in numerous fields, making her a very useful specialist.

Olga Travina

Language Consultant

Translator, editor. Honours degree in Translation. Studied at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. For 2 years, has been teaching English and Translation at VSU. Worked as a language consultant and writer for several ICO projects.

Stepan Mayserik

Strategic Consultant

Anatoly Chebanov


Anatoly has been working in the entertainment industry for the last nine years and has changed three countries in process. Has been producing TV shows for five years, then moved on to YouTube business segment. When in a good mood, does great stand-up.


Contact Us

  • Head Office

    40, Villa Fairholme Sir Augustus Bartolo Street
    Malta, Europe
  • Legal Office

    205 Powell Place Brentwood, TN 37027
  • Development

    Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 6 bldg 2
    Moscow, Russia

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