Best Crypto Sports Betting Sites

The popularity of sports betting around the world is showing no signs at all of slowing down.

The advent of the internet led to a revolution for gambling companies, who had to head online. All this means is the internet has become the default way to bet on sport, whether people are football fans or prefer newer options like esports.

But another shift is ongoing, with an increasing number of users now wanting to place bets with crypto. Even though cryptocurrency is quite a new technology and making its way in the mainstream, betting sites are accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum deposits nowadays.


But for those who are new to crypto sports betting, it can be hard to know where to start. Our top guide to crypto sports betting tells you everything you need to know, looking at these areas:

  • Best crypto sports betting sites
  • Introduction to sports betting and its rules and regulations
  • Defining cryptocurrency and explaining how it works
  • How to bet with crypto sports betting sites
  • Top sports to bet on using cryptocurrency
  • How to pick which crypto sports betting site to join
  • Other sports betting payment methods that can be used
  • Top cryptocurrency options for online sports betting
  • How to set up a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Sports betting tips, tricks and strategies
  • Cryptocurrency sports betting bonuses, offers and promotions
  • Pros and cons of using cryptocurrency for sports betting
  • Future regulation changes to watch out for

We’ve got a lot to get through, so let’s kick things off with our picks for top crypto betting sites.

Top 7 best crypto sports betting sites

We have picked out some of the best crypto sports betting sites for users to consider joining:


Perhaps the most famous crypto bookmaker out there right now is This site, like many gambling operators, has built its public profilethrough signing up celebrities to act as brand ambassadors, as well as paying for a range of sports sponsorships. has had deals in place with Premier League teams such as Everton, as well as partnering with Drake.

Pros of crypto sports betting with

Cons of crypto sports betting with

There are lots of great reasons to try crypto sports betting with The site offers fast withdrawals when using crypto and the site does not just have sports betting. There are plenty of casino games to try out on the site as well, while customer service is available 24/7 here too. A downside of is that it is only available to use in a fairly limited number of countries so far, while the fact crypto is the only payment method – with no alternatives available – could put some people off. The range of sports and markets could be slightly larger here as well.


With a large betting bonus available for new customers who sign up for bcgamean account here, BC.Game is making a strong play to be considered a leading online sports betting site. At BC.Game, various cryptocurrencies are supported so your favourite is likely to be offered. Along with the BC.Game online sportsbook, the site also hosts thousands of different casino games.

Pros of crypto sports betting with BC.Game

Cons of crypto sports betting with BC.Game

BC.Game has a huge array of crypto options to pick from within the cashier, while it is speedy with withdrawals for crypto customers too. The site has the full package for people interested in crypto sports betting as 24/7 live chat is included in the customer service options too. On the flip side, like with BC.Game is not available to access in all countries, with the UK among those blocked. The list of sports available to bet on is not as complete as available elsewhere either, while live chat cannot be fully accessed before signing up here.

Having only been established in 2020, Freshbet is one of the newer freshbetcrypto book makers sites out there. While only available in a relatively small number of nations, it is expanding all the time. The site can be used in a few different languages, which is another good tick in the box.

Pros of crypto sports betting with

Cons of crypto sports betting with

As with many crypto sports betting sites, also has thousands of online casino games also available to play. There is a good welcome bonus available for new customers and an added bonus is that help is at hand on a 24/7 basis in the customer service department. seems to have a stronger focus on the casino side of things rather than the sportsbook and it is not yet accessible in lots of countries around the world. Another downside worth noting with is, when withdrawing winnings, the monthly limits are a little low.


rollettoAnother combined crypto sports betting site and sportsbook is Rolletto, which was set up in 2020. A good welcome bonus is available to get new customers up and running on the site.


Pros of crypto sports betting with Rolletto

Cons of crypto sports betting with Rolletto

The site has a good choice of sports and markets to pick from and there are also higher withdrawal limits at Rolletto than at some other competing crypto sports betting sites. As there are various casino games also offered here too, there are a lot of options for customers to try. Other sites have more crypto options than Rolletto, though, which is another crypto betting operator yet to be available in many countries around the world. While mobile betting is possible here, Rolletto does not have a dedicated mobile sports betting app available to download yet.

jackbitWhile the focus is more on the crypto casino at, the site has a growing reputation when it comes to its crypto sports betting as well. Having only just been founded in 2022, is one of the newest crypto sports betting sites but it has already made a splash.


Pros of crypto sports betting with

Cons of crypto sports betting with

Various betting bonuses are available to claim with and live chat is available on a 24/7 basis, so help can be accessed around the clock. As there are a large range of online slots offered in the crypto sportsbook’s casino site too, the possibilities are endless at this betting site. One thing worth noting is that the dark colour scheme used on this crypto sports betting site is not the easiest on the eye. The customer service is only available in English, not any other languages, while the list of sports to bet on is not comprehensive either, with some missing.


cloudbetAnother combined crypto sports betting site and casino, Cloudbet is currently offering a 100% matched welcome bonus up to 5 BTC, so the welcome bonus here is very generous indeed. Cloudbet has been around since 2013, so it has plenty of experience in offering crypto betting.

Pros of crypto sports betting with Cloudbet

Cons of crypto sports betting with Cloudbet

A strong range of betting bonuses including a top welcome offer makes Cloudbet a convincing option when it comes to leading crypto sports betting sites. Cloudbet is well established and highly respected and a good choice of markets including esports betting are now available here. The crypto sports betting site’s interface lacks some of the functionality of other operators and the lack of telephone support available within the customer service department could be an issue for some. The range of casino games on the other side of the site is not the biggest either.

Lucky Block

luckyblockLast but not least on our list of the best crypto sports betting sites to bet with is Lucky Block. Having been only launched in November 2022, this is one of the newest options out there. Lucky Block is not as widely available as some of the other leading crypto sportsbooks, though.

Pros of crypto sports betting with Lucky Block

Cons of crypto sports betting with Lucky Block

A simple to use crypto sports betting site, Lucky Block boasts an interface that is easy to navigate. There are no hidden fees when playing with various types of crypto either. Esports betting is included at this online crypto sports betting site, plus various crypto casino games. However, the site is blocked in various countries around the world and there is a much stronger focus on the crypto casino compared to the sports betting side of things at this time. More options for customer service would be welcomed by those signing up at Lucky Block as well.


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Introduction to sports betting

The history of sports betting is too long to recount in full here, but it is safe to say that people have been placing wagers on the outcome of sporting events for many thousands of years. Betting was popular all the way back in the days of Ancient Rome, when people would place bets on the outcome of chariot races. This is one of the first examples of sports betting.

Horse racing was one of the first sports where betting became very popular and the sport of kings remains intrinsically linked to gambling to this day. Indeed, many of the top races that take place around the world are sponsored by a gambling company in some form or another.

Anyone who wants to bet on sport nowadays will be confronted with a quite dizzying list of sports and markets to pick from. Many crypto sports betting sites offer 30+ different sports and it is possible to choose from hundreds of different bets for big games within the Premier League.

History of sports betting rules and regulations

Even though people around the world bet on sport, it is not yet even legal in all countries. This is the case for both offline and online sports betting, the latter of which remains in a state of flux.

The UK is an example of a country that has typically had a rather lax attitude to betting laws. However, even in the UK things are starting to change with new regulations being introduced. For example, a few years ago the UK banned credit cards from being used for online gambling.

Meanwhile, over in the United States, sports betting using the internet is slowly being embraced. A major ruling by the Supreme Court a few years ago opened the door for legalised sports betting in America. However, states are free to decide individually whether to allow sports betting. As it stands, a handful of states in America have taken the step to legalise sports betting and others are in the process of following suit, but it can be slow to make its way through courts.

Crypto poses another regulatory challenge for countries to consider. As crypto is not considered a type of currency by some nations, it is unclear how they will deal with crypto sports betting. Singapore, for example, has indicated it has no desire to welcome crypto sports betting at all.

Overall, it is fair to say legalised sports betting is becoming more common around the world.

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What is cryptocurrency?

With cryptocurrency a relatively recent phenomenon, it is worth quickly recapping exactly what it is and how it works. Essentially, cryptocurrency can be defined as a digital or virtual currency that has been secured by cryptography. This means that it can be deemed very safe to use.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised, with no central authority responsible for regulating them. This ensures they cannot be tracked, but it does mean their value rises and falls at a rapid rate.

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency and it regularly makes headlines when its value spikes or drops a lot in a short space of time. Although Bitcoin feels new, it has actually been around for more than a decade, having been created by Satoshi Nakamoto, about whom nothing is known. While some countries have banned Bitcoin, others have embraced it. In El Salvador, for example, Bitcoin has been adopted as legal tender and others might follow suit.

Crypto can now be used for online sports betting, with more and more sites allowing its use.

How to bet on crypto sports betting sites

While sports betting is very popular, not everyone has done it before and it can be hard to know where to start. Betting sites also have a tendency to use a lot of confusing jargon at times too.

For those who have never placed a bet on sport before, here is our full guide to how to start.

Choose a crypto sports betting site

First up is picking a sports betting site to use for gambling. Anyone who wants to use crypto for sports betting will first need to find one that allows deposits with Bitcoin and so on. The number of crypto sports betting is growing all the time and we have picked out the best options above. Various factors should be taken into account when choosing a betting site – more on this later.

Join a crypto sports betting site

Signing up is the next step after a sports betting site has been picked. Registering for an account should only take a few minutes. Users will need to fill in a form with information such as their full name, date of birth, email address and so on. Setting a username and a password is also common, while a security question and answer might need to be provided here as well.

Verify the crypto sports betting account

Registering for an account is followed by going through the verification process. How this works varies across crypto sports betting sites, but it generally involves proving your age and identity.

Sometimes users just need to click a link in an email or text message to verify the account. At other sites, they might need to upload ID such as a passport in order to prove who they are and that they are legally old enough to gamble on the internet. KYC checks – which stand for Know Your Customer – are also carried out by sports betting sites as part of the verification process.

Start betting on sport with crypto

Once an account is fully up and running and has been verified, it is time to start betting on sport.

A deposit of funds will need to be made into the account, though. On a crypto sports betting site, there are likely to be a few different cryptocurrencies to pick from, with Bitcoin almost always at the top of the list. Those who want to bet using cryptocurrency will also need to set up a wallet – we have instructions on how to create a crypto wallet for the first time coming later in this guide.

Once funds have been added, bets can be placed. Tap or click on a selection to add it to the betslip, then decide how much to stake. Of course, the more money that is staked on a bet, the higher the potential profits. But bigger stakes also mean bigger possible losses, so be careful.

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Top crypto sports betting options

With all of the above in mind, here are the top sporting options for online crypto sports betting:

Football ⚽

For every crypto sports betting site, football is the top sport to bet on. The beautiful game is popular all over the planet and competitions like the World Cup are huge online betting events. The Premier League is also a juggernaut when it comes to online betting, as is the Champions League. But domestic cups, leagues and tournaments from around the world at all levels are also offered. In short, if a football match is being played, it will very likely be available to bet on. Various markets are offered, from basics like match winner and correct score through to how many shots on target a player records. Accas with multiple bets included are very common too.

Tennis 🎾

For those who like to bet live in-play, tennis is one of the top options. There are ideal chances to place a live wager between each set, game and even in between every point that is played. Tennis majors – the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open – are spaced out throughout the year but tennis events take place in every month on the calendar nowadays. It is a fascinating time to bet on tennis with the old guard of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy  Murray and Novak Djokovic either retired or on the way out, while top young players such as Carlos Alcaraz and Holger Rune are the sport’s future. As with football, tennis fans can access a range of markets, from match winner and the score in sets to various great handicap options.

Horse racing 🐎

Horse racing and betting have always been closely linked. These days, the biggest races on the planet attract a huge amount of money in betting. Great betting bonuses are often offered for horse racing, such as best odds guaranteed, acca insurance and extra place races. This helps to ensure that there is always a lot of value up for grabs for those who place bets on the racing.

Boxing/MMA 🥊

Fight fans are increasingly interested in placing bets on bouts. Boxing and MMA tend to attract a lot of the same people, with top stars even crossing over between the two sports these days. Boxing is in an interesting era with various celebrities even trying out their skills in the ring. Both boxing and MMA can be very exciting to bet on as the contest can be over with a single blow.

Rugby union/rugby league 🏈

While both codes of rugby are nothing more than a minor sport in many countries, in others such as the UK for example they are firmly among the top sports to bet on. Both rugby union and rugby league have international competitions like the World Cup that are good to bet on.

American football 🏈

US sports are not just popular for betting in America, with the NFL in particular having a growing fanbase around the world. These days, a handful of regular-season NFL matches are even played outside of the US, with London and Germany having held games in recent seasons. Of course, much of the interest in American football betting centres around the Super Bowl. Played in February each year, this is without a doubt one of the biggest betting events on the calendar.

Basketball 🏀

Another top US sport to bet on is basketball, which comes in second behind the NFL. With the season having so many matches played there is a lot for basketball fans to choose from when betting. The play-offs then see a spike in interest as does betting on the annual March Madness.

Baseball ⚾

With a season as long as basketball, those who want to bet on baseball are spoiled for choice. Even though baseball’s stop-start nature can be frustrating to watch at times, it does mean that there are a lot of chances to place live in-play wagers, as well as bets before games get started.

Ice hockey 🏒

Hockey wraps up the major North American sports that people around the world bet on. Again, the ice hockey season is a long one, but most of the betting interest surrounds the play-offs.

Golf 🏌

It is a fascinating time for fans of golf, with the emergence of the LIV tour having thrown the future of the sport into doubt. LIV has since joined forces with the PGA tour but it is unclear how they will operate together into the future. PGA and European tour events have long been popular to bet on and the majors – like the Open and the Masters – are very popular for betting. The Ryder Cup, which sees Europe’s best take on America’s greats, is another top golf event.

Cricket 🏏

Cricket might only be played in quite a small number of countries around the world, but it cannot be understated how popular it is in some nations such as India, where it is an obsession. Cricket has various formats – from the recently introduced Hundred competition in the UK to Twenty20, One Day Internationals and Test cricket, which for many remains at the peak of the sport. As with baseball, the gaps between each delivery mean cricket is ideally suited for live in-play bets. The Indian Premier League – the top T20 event – has become nothing short of a juggernaut and World Cups for various formats, for both men’s and women’s teams, take place most years too.

Motorsport 🏁

Motorsport fans also enjoy placing bets on the action, with markets like which driver will record the fastest lap among the most popular to pick from. MotoGP is some way behind Formula One when it comes to betting but motorsport fans will find there are plenty of options to pick from.

Esports 🎮

Esports betting is very new but a lot of crypto sports betting sites do offer it. Esports such as CS:GO and Dota 2 are among the most popular to bet on, with various markets being offered.

Esports betting spiked in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as a lot of ‘real’ sporting events had to be paused as it was not deemed safe for them to continue. Esports betting continues to develop but many experts believe it will become a key part of this industry in future.

Virtual sports 🎮

Many crypto sports betting sites also have virtual sports available to bet on. These can be useful for when big sports such as football are in the close-season, so there is less to bet on. There are different types of virtual sports to pick from, from virtual soccer to tennis and basketball.

Choosing a crypto sports betting site to join

When trying to pick a crypto sports betting site to use, a lot of things should be taken into account. Let’s go through a list of the key things to have in mind when considering the sites.

Factor Reasoning
Safety, security, licences First up, it is important to make sure the crypto sports betting site is operating completely legally.

Not all betting sites have the licences that they should. Licensing information is normally displayed right at the bottom of a betting site. Examples of respected regulatory bodies that award these licences include the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, but others are good too. When it comes to security, measures like SSL encryption tend to be in place. This helps to ensure that customer data is secure and cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Odds Getting value out of bets is very important, so the quality of the odds is paramount. Even if it seems like there is little difference between the odds on offer across crypto sports betting sites, even a small gap can make a big impact on the potential profits that are available to achieve. Shopping around for the best odds on crypto betting sites will almost always pay off for users.
Range of sports and markets Most crypto sports betting sites have a list of 25+ or even 30+ sports to pick from, covering obvious options like football, tennis and golf through to lesser known sports such as bandy. For each sport, there should also be a good amount of choice to pick from. It is not unheard of for a crypto sports betting site to have a few different hundred bets on offer for a Premier League game. It is key to check out the sports on offer at a betting site before signing up for an account.
Bonuses, promotions and offers Betting bonuses are widely available, for both new customers who sign up to a crypto sports betting site for the first time, and to reward the loyalty of existing customers. Most crypto sports betting sites have some sort of welcome bonus that gets their new users up and running. This could be in the form of a deposit bonus or free bets that are added to the user’s new account. For existing customers, cashback and reload bonuses are often offered, while some sites have a form of VIP rewards scheme in place that can pay out bonuses such as birthday gifts to users.
Mobile compatibility With most sports fans around the world now preferring to place their wagers on a mobile device like their smartphone to a tablet, mobile compatibility has become increasingly important. Sites should work just as well on a smaller screen as they do on a full-sized desktop PC. Betting apps that can be downloaded on to devices – either iOS or Android – are also becoming widespread.
Customer service Users of crypto sports betting sites will probably need to contact customer services at some point. Options like live chat and email are common, while most sites also have an FAQ as well. Ideally, customer service at crypto sports betting sites will be offered on a 24/7 basis too.
Payment methods Cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular types of payment methods at online betting sites, but most operators have a range of options to pick from. Debit cards and e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal and Neteller are among the most popular ones to go for. However, users should keep in mind that signing up and depositing with an e-wallet may not qualify them to claim the welcome bonus that is offered. Google Pay and Apple Pay are widely accepted too.


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Sports betting payment methods

One of the top things to consider when picking a sports betting site is which payment methods they have. While cryptocurrency is moving up the list of the most popular options that can be used to make deposits into betting sites, a wide array of alternative methods are offered too:

Payment Method Explanation


As most people have a debit card in their wallet, this might be the easier option to go for. Visa and Mastercard dominate the industry and debit cards are nothing short of ubiquitous. They are quick and easy to use for both deposits and withdrawals. In some countries such as the UK, credit card deposits are no longer allowed for online gambling, leaving debit cards instead.
ewallet Those who value fast withdrawals from online betting sites are advised to consider using an e-wallet. PayPal is probably the most famous e-wallet in the world but Skrill and Neteller are also offered by a lot of sports betting sites. Using an e-wallet to make the first deposit after signing up for an account at a betting site usually means users won’t get the welcome bonus.
voucher Some people prefer to use a smaller budget when betting on sports via the internet these days. This makes prepaid cards and vouchers a good choice, enabling sports fans to keep a close level of control over the amount of money they are spending on online sports betting.
crypto currency A recent addition to the list of online payment methods that can be used for sports betting is crypto, with options such as Bitcoin and Litecoin now available at a large number of sites. Crypto sports betting sites might be dedicated solely to this option, but it is increasingly the case that people have the choice to use crypto or traditional methods such as debit cards as well.
mobilepay With mobile betting continuing to get more popular around the world, payment methods that make it simple to add funds while on the go are commonly used nowadays. Apple Pay for iOS devices and Google Pay for those who have an Android smartphone are fast and easy to use.

Top cryptocurrency options for online sports betting

People who have decided that they want to use cryptocurrency for online sports betting will still have a decision to make – which one to use. Here are the three most common options available:


Created more than a decade ago by an anonymous person or group or persons known by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is without a doubt the most famous cryptocurrency out there.

Legal tender in El Salvador yet banned in some other countries, Bitcoin has generated countless headlines over the years. Its value has rocketed over the years to give owners a fortune, but its price can also drop sharply, which sums up the risks of using cryptocurrency.


This decentralised peer-to-peer cryptocurrency was directly inspired by Bitcoin, but since its initial release in October 2011 has grown into the main rival for Bitcoin. Litecoin is sometimes described as being the “silver to Bitcoin’s gold” even though it has the capability to confirm transactions four times quicker. It has a maximum circulating supply set at Ł84,000,000.


Another decentralised blockchain, Ethereum offers smart contract functionality. Conceived around a decade ago by the Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum also lets its users make and exchange non-fungible tokens, which are a similar technology to crypto.

Bitcoin Cash

A fork of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is now considered another of the best cryptocurrencies to use for online betting. Bitcoin Cash was created in 2017 and the following year split in two, forming Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. A supply limit of 21,000,000 has been set for Bitcoin Cash.

Read this article to learn more about how to buy your crypto currency before the game.

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How to set up a cryptocurrency wallet

Those who are brand new to using cryptocurrency for sports betting will need to create a wallet.

There are two types of wallet. The first is a hosted wallet from an operator such as Coinbase. The second type of wallet is a self-custody wallet, which puts users in charge of their crypto.

Follow our very simple step-by-step guide to set up a cryptocurrency wallet quickly and easily:

  1. Pick a platform: There are a few options out there. People who want to set up a wallet should consider factors like security, compliance with regulations and ease of use.
  2. Create an account: To get set up, enter details into the registration form. It can also be a good idea to set up two-factor authentication for an extra layer of account security too.
  3. Buy or transfer crypto: A lot of hosted wallets let users buy crypto directly, as well as transferring any crypto they have elsewhere. This makes them a solid one-stop shop.

Crypto sports betting tips and strategies

Perhaps the most important sports betting tips and strategy to follow is that people should never bet more money than they can afford to lose. While sports betting can be profitable, one of the things people love about sport is how unpredictable and unexpected the outcomes can be.

As a result, treating sports betting as a bit of fun is recommended. It can be a good idea to set aside a budget for sports betting as this will help people to stay in control of their spending.

Anyone who has experience with cryptocurrency will already be familiar with the concept of risk. Betting is inherently risky, with users able to lose real cash as well as winning money. For this reason, one of the important tips is to ensure you never bet more than you can afford to lose. Even when the outcome of a sporting contest seems safe to predict, anything can happen.

Treating sports betting with crypto as a bit of fun, rather than as a serious way to make some extra money, is therefore highly recommended. Here are our other top tips and tricks to follow:

Research: While some trust their instincts and gut feeling when betting on sport, others find that carrying out a lot of research helps them to pick winning wagers more often than not. A lot of data and statistics are available these days to help people browsing sports betting sites. Team news and injury updates should always be checked as these have a major impact on results.

Odds: It is vital to find value when betting on sport. While predicting the outcome of a contest is key to sports betting success, for the best profits it is taking value that holds the key. One part of this is making sure the best price available is always taken. As a result, it can pay off to shop around across various crypto sports betting sites to see which one has the top price on offer.

Bonuses and promotions: Free bets are widely available at online sports betting sites. Those who sign up to a crypto sports betting site will often get a form of welcome bonus too, which might add a chunk of crypto into their account if they sign up and meet the qualifying conditions. As well as promotions that have been designed to attract new users, there should be betting bonuses up for grabs for existing customers too. Many are designed to reward their loyalty.

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Crypto sports betting bonuses, offers and promotions

As we mentioned above, various bonuses and promotions are offered by crypto sports betting sites. Let’s take a look at some of the most common crypto sports betting deals available now:

Bonus offer Explanation

Free Bets

The chance to win real money without having to stake your own cash is always welcome. A lot of crypto sports betting sites have free bets available to claim. There will be an expiry date – often set at seven days – so customers will need to use them, or lose them. Unlike with real money bets, the stake from free bets is not returned to the customer along with any winnings.

Deposit bonuses

Many crypto sports betting sites have a deposit bonus available for their new users to claim. This bumps up the amount of money they have to play with, but check the terms and conditions. Often, deposit bonuses come with a wagering requirement. This means that winnings have to be wagered a certain number of times before they will be unlocked and available to withdraw.

Cashback rewards

Along with the betting bonuses for new users, existing customers can benefit from deals and promotions. One of the most popular is cashback rewards. As the name suggests, this gives users cashback, usually a proportion of their losses on qualifying bets. Cashback can be paid out either as real money or as free bets that must be used up within a certain amount of time.

Reload bonuses

Another type of deal for existing customers is reload bonuses. These are often another type of deposit bonus that boosts the amount users have to play with. The reload bonuses might only be available at certain times, so look out for them being available at crypto sports betting sites.

VIP rewards

A lot of crypto sports betting sites have embraced gamification to try to persuade their players to return on a regular basis. A VIP rewards scheme is one of the common ways they do this. Users have a chance to make their way up through the ranks to get access to perks and better betting bonuses such as deposit deals. VIP rewards come in a range of tiers and it is usually the case that users will have to spend more money in the form of bets in order to progress in the scheme.

Casino extras

Most of the time, crypto sports betting sites also have an online casino attached these days. With games such as blackjack and roulette available, they provide even more betting options. A lot of betting bonuses are focused on the casino side of things too. Free spins for slot games are often included in the welcome bonus offered by a crypto sports betting site. Extra cash to play with in the casino might be up for grabs in a reload bonus, so keep an eye out for them.

Pros and cons of using cryptocurrency for sports betting

As with any other payment method, there are myriad advantages and disadvantages of using cryptocurrency to bet on sports. Here, we have broken down some of the key pros and cons.

Pros of using cryptocurrency for sports betting

  • Anonymity: Users can avoid sharing their financial details with a sports betting site
  • Offers: Using crypto for sports betting often has much better betting bonuses offered
  • Speed: Withdrawing winnings via cryptocurrency is normally extremely fast
  • Decentralised: The key benefit of cryptocurrency is it is not regulated by any authority

Cons of using cryptocurrency for sports betting

  • Volatility: As crypto fans know, the value of it can rise and fall at a rapid rate
  • Limits: The cap on the amount of Bitcoins that can be mined is approaching quickly
  • Not widespread: Bitcoin and crypto is not yet accepted at all online betting sites

Below you will see a list of all the crypto sports beting sites we have reviewed on the website. Check back from time to time because we will update the list as soon as we have reviewed more betting sites.

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Crypto sports betting - future regulation changes to look for

One big issue to keep in mind for anyone who wants to get started with crypto sports betting is that the industry could be the subject of future changes to laws, legislation and extra regulation.

Cryptocurrency has caught governments around the world on the hop and many of them are now still trying to catch up. Indeed, some countries are yet to legislate properly for the rise in online betting over the past decade or so, with the arrival of crypto being an extra complication.

Some nations have shown more of an inclination to embrace crypto, while others have banned them. As cryptocurrency becomes more widely understood, it might be the case that those that previously opted to ban its usage reverse that decision at some point in the near-term future.

More online betting sites around the world are very likely to begin offering cryptocurrency on their list of approved payment methods. This would mean that they effectively join the existing crypto sports betting options out there, giving people a lot more choice when it comes to sites.

In the UK – where changes to online betting laws are currently being debated – MPs have recommended that cryptocurrency trading should be regulated as a form of gambling. This is something else to think about, as betting with crypto could become gambling in two formats.

However, in most countries changes to the law are very slow to be implemented. This means

people will have lots of notice should laws regarding crypto sports betting changes. Those who want to bet with crypto should always make sure that it is legal to do so in their jurisdiction first.

Crypto sports betting - our conclusion

To wrap up, it is increasingly clear that the future of sports betting is very bright. Sports betting continues to be legalised and embraced around the world, with the United States now gradually rolling out changes to rules that will allow more sports fans to place wagers on the big game.

With new elements such as esports betting and placing bets on sport using cryptocurrency, the sector is going to continue to evolve at a rapid rate over the weeks, months and years to come.

What is safe to say is that online sports betting is always going to be popular for many people. With cryptocurrency becoming a part of the mainstream, crypto sports betting is here to stay.

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