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New crypto casino poker site created

A new online poker room allowing people to play with cryptocurrency has been launched.

Ape in Poker has announced the formation of its new Poker Room, which comes on the back of the online crypto casino that it already runs.

It coincides with their NFT mint launched on August 20, which can also be purchased with crypto. With crypto casinos becoming increasingly popular around the world, Ape in Poker is seeking to capitalise on the boom in these types of sites.

The global pandemic is widely described as having contributed to the boom in online casino sites. COVID-19 coincided with an increase in crypto interest, while the fact that so many bricks and mortar casinos had to close their doors because of the pandemic saw many head online to play games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slots and poker.

Announcing the new Poker Room venture addition to its crypto casino offering, Ape in Poker said in a statement it wants to smooth the transition from traditional to web3 poker play for the average user, “optimizing the user experience for any level”.

Due to the fact that it will be possible for users to connect directly to the Ape In Poker website and their crypto wallets, it will be a simple way to play online poker with cryptocurrency.

Ape in Poker said that it will also be releasing an exclusive Genesis Players Card NFT in order to mark the launch of the Poker Room option at its existing crypto casino site.

Online poker tutorials and web3 basics will be available to those who are new to crypto casinos and playing the card game via the internet, which is not the same as playing in-person.

Ape In Poker Genesis Player Card NFTs will provide a range of perks for holders, such as a reduced amount of the crypto casino site’s rake for every hand won – a perk they get for life.

Web3 advisor and strategist David Galan said: “The hard work, talent and commitment from the team of developers has been incredible and an honor to witness and be a part of.000

“From the beginning, the Ape in Poker team wanted to bring a multi-layered NFT project to the poker community to further bridge that Web2 to Web3 gap in a way that is easy to navigate and ultimately, truly valuable to its community and NFT holders. They have definitely been able to achieve that and so much more.”

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