KYC stands for “Know Your Customer” and when used at crypto casinos, this abbreviation stands for the process of verifying a player’s identity. This is a legally required process to ensure that a customer is playing legally at an online casino with real money stakes. KYC account verification presents no hurdles for regular players. Users will be required to scan all the required documents and upload them to the system.

But those who have little or no experience with online gambling may be surprised. Casino newcomers will wonder what KYC verification is and why it is necessary to complete this step. You just landed a win at an online casino and you are thinking about what you will spend it on.

Maybe a dinner with your significant other, a party with buddies, or even a new car, vacation, or even a new house if the jackpot is hit. But then you get a message from the casino – the withdrawal is suspended and you need to verify your account by sending in the necessary KYC documents. This can be frustrating.

Users might then start asking questions such as: But why does an online casino want these documents? Is it safe to send important documents online? Will I get my winnings paid? But don’t worry, it’s not half as bad as it sounds. Every legitimate online casino is required by their regulator to carry out what is known as Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

KYC verification made easy

It always feels a bit odd to have to send important documents to an online casino, however, it is the standard process with any reputable operator. It even makes the online casino trustworthy when they ask you to verify your account. An online casino has a legal obligation to know about its customers. This is required by the authorities from which a casino obtains its licenses. In general, the more reliable the license, the stricter the KYC requirements, which means extra security for you. This is actually a good thing, helping to keep players safe and secure.

In reality, casinos are just following the procedure to ensure they are complying with the regulator’s rules. In fact, you should worry more about an online casino’s legitimacy if it doesn’t as this suggests it could be an unsafe casino that does not take security or protection seriously.


Picking a safe crypto casino

We can only recommend that you choose one of the casinos listed here. These were tested intensively on security and verified by us. Many of the reliable ones are licensed from Curacao or the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to name just two. In the UK, there is the Gambling Commission that regulates the industry. But there are other trusted online gambling licenses such as the recent German virtual slots license.

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Which KYC documents need to be provided?

Every reputable online casino has their own verification method, but they are usually similar. In most cases, they will need three documents: a proof of address, a photo ID (passport or ID card) and proof of payment. Additional documents may also be requested in the event of a large withdrawal request. For example, if you win a progressive jackpot, the casino in question must do their due diligence to ensure that the money actually ends up in the rightful winner’s bank account. It may also be that the game provider is responsible for the withdrawal and may request additional documentation.

In most cases, the KYC verification process does not take long at all and the documents are verified internally in a few working days. Some online casinos may take a little longer, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Next, let’s check out the documents that are needed for KYC checks in greater detail.

Proof of identity

An online casino has a duty to prevent money laundering or prevent minors from playing under a false name, so users will have to prove their identity first up as part of the KYC checks. This can be a copy of an ID card, driver’s license or passport. Only official photo identification may be used for this purpose. In some cases, a birth certificate may also be a valid option. Users can scan the document or take a photo with a smartphone or tablet – this also applies to all other documents.

Make sure the ID and all information is clearly visible and that the image covers all four corners of the document. Only valid government-issued ID can be used and if the document has expired, the online casino cannot accept it as valid. Images of ID need to be clear, not blurry, or may be rejected.

Proof of address

When creating an account at a crypto casino, you must provide your home address. Then, during the KYC verification process, the casino needs proof you really do live there. There are many different documents that can be accepted as proof of your address. A utility bill or bank statement showing your full address is commonly used. Of course, you can redact any sensitive information on the document that is not relevant to the purpose of the review process. It is important that your name and address are on the document and that it is not older than three months. For this reason, it must also contain the date of issue. Please note that in most jurisdictions it is not possible to use a cell phone bill as a valid proof of address.

If you want to find out what kind of documents are accepted at the casino of your choice, you can always contact customer support. Usually, this type of information is also included in the first KYC verification request email, so be sure to check what exactly the online casino is requesting.

Proof of payment method

A casino also needs to know if whoever is playing also owns the account or payment method that was used to deposit or withdraw funds. For this reason, in some cases you may be asked to provide proof of the payment method(s) you have used, such as a debit card from Visa. This can be done in different ways depending on the payment method you use: When using online banking to play at the casino, you can take a screenshot of the online banking portal showing your name, account number and bank logo. It is also possible to submit a bank statement with similar information.

If you are using an e-wallet such as Neteller or Skrill, you can take a screenshot of your account showing your name, email address and the payment made to the casino.

If you use a debit card, you can simply take a picture of the card used at the casino, showing your name and the first six and last four digits of your credit card. For your own security, it is important that you black out all digits between the first and last number as required before sending in your proof of payment. A debit card statement showing the transaction in question, your name and card number may also be an option at some online casinos.

KYC - annoying but necessary

The KYC procedure is important for the proper operation of an online casino. Even if it often seems a bit annoying, especially for players with little experience, you quickly get used to the procedure when registering at a casino for the first time. Most documents can be stored on your smartphone or desktop and used more than once. After going through the process a few times, it becomes routine and helps the platform to provide a safe environment for all players.

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Prevent underage gambling

KYC verification is mandatory for an online casino. One of the main reasons is to prevent underage gambling. Proof of identity prevents this. You can compare it to a regular brick and mortar casino. If you can’t show a valid ID, you can’t get in.

Some authorities are tightening age controls further. They want a casino to verify the player’s age before they create an account. This can be done via a special database or by requesting documents. For example, one of the regulators that does this is the UK Gambling Authority.

Preventing money laundering

Online casinos are closely monitored by governments and law enforcement agencies. Therefore reputable online casinos do everything to have a reliable and trustworthy image. For example, by preventing money laundering of criminal funds. This is another important reason why an online casino would want to receive KYC verification documents from you. This prevents criminals with anonymous accounts from laundering money by playing at an online casino.

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Your data is safe!

The licensed casino operators, which you can find here on our site, do not pass on data to third parties and protect them with security such as firewalls and SSL encryption. Please note that you also have to be verified at a crypto casino. You can play anonymously when it comes to transactions, but the operator must comply with the applicable KYC laws.

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