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World-first stable blockchain technology-based social casino game launched

A new stable blockchain technology-based social casino game is being launched in what the developer claims is a world first for the rapidly expanding crypto casino sector.

The trio of new social casino games – House of Slots, House of Poker and House of Blackjack – has been announced by an overseas affiliate of South Korea-based NEOWIZ, Massive Gaming.

A statement from the company said the games, which will use a combination of Web3-based ‘Play and Earn content’ as well as blockchain technology will land in the first half of 2023.

Among the benefits of the new games will be the chance for players to unlock rewards in a decentralized economy, with those who are interested in finding out more urged to check out Massive Gaming’s homepage, as well as their Discord, Twitter, and Telegram. Details on the airdrops and NFT free minting events are set to be released via the aforementioned channels.

Anyone interested in the airdrops will have to first make sure that they install the IntellaX wallet in order to receive the Massive Gaming rewards that are set to be distributed. The installation of the wallet is quick and easy and Massive Gaming has already revealed that the total prize pool of its airdrop event will be worth $6,000 USD, ensuring it is worthwhile for players taking part.

Players hoping to qualify will need to have engagement with House of Slots, which is the first of the three games to be linked to the airdrop, followed by House of Poker and House of Blackjack.

Massive Gaming claims that the use of the stable USDC – which is a coin fixed to the value of the US dollar – is the most important aspect of the blockchain technology-based social casino game project. “Global users can play various social casino games for free and earn USDC with specific goods provided by the game,” explained a statement from the company.

“This will prevent the decline of the game token’s value, which has been the most notable issue with Web3-based games so far.”

While the idea of blockchain technology-based social casino games is not completely new, Massive Gaming is confident that the use of the stable USDC makes its project stand out.

USDC will also be paid out to players who try their luck on House of Slots, House of Poker and House of Blackjack through the Play and Earn system, benefiting them even further.

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