Crypto casino president offers future predictions for industry

The president of a new crypto casino has offered his future predictions for the industry.

This year has proven to be a very testing time for the crypto world with traction out of the bear market proving a concern, yet Candy Club president Calvin Ng sees a positive route forward.

Candy Club is a new crypto social casino club, said to be the first of its kind in the world. Players can opt to use various digital currencies to play crypto casino games or bet on sports. The site accepts all Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain projects with a ERC20 or BEP20 utility token and it also has 24/7 advanced encryption technology in place to protect all of its customers.

The unpredictable nature of crypto has led to some concern across the industry this year, but for Ng there is the opportunity to create something new as the sector keeps evolving. Speaking at the recent Token2049 Singapore event, at which Candy Club had an official launch, Ng offered a roadmap for the future of the crypto industry, which is in something of a state of flux right now.

“Staying relevant, maintaining community engagement, generating token demand, reducing token supply and increasing token treasury are the five golden rules followed by all projects who will survive this bear and prosper in the next bull run,” he said in his speech at the event.

Candy Club is primarily focused on increasing every project’s token demand, Ng explained. Candy Club currently has more than 150 different crypto casino games to play, including a range of top slots and plenty of options when it comes to classics like roulette and blackjack.

During the course of the Token2049 event, more than 20 projects committed to Candy Club. This is a positive indication that the world’s first crypto casino social club has a bright future.

Social aspects of Candy Club that help to mark the site out from a crowded market of crypto casino sites include live chat, leaderboards and gifting, all of which are proving very popular.

The mission statement posted by Candy Club states that it is “committed to build the most comprehensive cryptocurrency entertainment platform by creating the optimal user experience for players and blockchain projects”.

As all Ethereum, BNB and Tron projects are accepted by Candy Club, the idea is that it offers a more flexible option than casino sites where only a few types of crypto are available to use.

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